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The Evolution Of The Cloud

Computers and computing have changed dramatically over the years due to the innovation of new technology. This article looks at the path taken to achieve The Cloud.

Imperative for Innovation in Healthcare

This article is about the challenges health care faces in developing and developed countries, the spending on healthcare and its impact. It specifically highlights the struggle faced by India in terms of poor health indicators in spite of improvements in healthcare.

3 Characteristics of Innovation

Innovation is the change that keeps human civilization progressing. Unless you innovate, you will keep using the existing strategies and techniques till stagnation. However, innovation is something which needs to be inculcated in the general masses for better advancement.

Innovations Are Coming Faster – But Can We Predict Disruptive Technology Time Tables

For good or not innovation and disruption will occur anytime human begin thinking, creating and cross-pollinating to solve problems – and that, at least to me is a given. We often read somewhere that the rate of change, and disruption is coming in at a faster pace than ever before, but are those claims true? I’d like to briefly discuss this with you if I might.

The Importance of Market Research for Startups

I know from the title you might be thinking this is a common sense topic that you already know a ton about, but time and time again people throw all their chips in on their startup without checking if there’s even a market for their product. They get a good idea, their friends agree it’s a good idea, and before you know it they’ve quit their job and gone in debt up to their eyeballs trying to get their little idea off the ground only to discover it wasn’t that original to begin with. There’s nothing new under…

The Professional Image or 21st Century Officing – Fast, Flexible, Affordable

When you think of the word office, what do you picture in your mind? A tall building where you have an expensive private office with a door, a wooden desk, file cabinets, and piles of paper? A private room in your home with the distractions of family, pets, and chores or the loneliness of an empty house? Or perhaps a noisy, moving location such as a coffee shop or hotel lobby to meet with clients?

Office Options – Traditional Vs Business Center

If you are among the many individuals ready to move out of your home or coffee shop and establish a professional office, there is a wonderful option you should consider. Becoming a tenant within an office business center (OBC) or executive office center (EOC) provides you with the professional image you desire without excessive start-up costs. While business centers have been around for about 30 years, they are a well kept secret.

Projecting Your Business Image (or How a Virtual Office Allows You to Work Smarter)

So you have decided to establish an office for your business – congratulations! One of your biggest challenges will be to determine what kind of office best suits your business needs. A traditional office will take time and money to establish. A virtual office is inexpensive and very flexible, however, it is important that you understand the benefits and limitations a virtual office provides to you.

Comparison Shopping for a Virtual Office

As with most other things, it is wise to comparison shop before signing an agreement for a virtual office. While many virtual offices may come with similar service levels, how you pay for these services vary widely. Here are the questions you should always ask.

Who Needs a REAL Business Office?

Technology has certainly made today’s work environment a vastly different world than just a few short years ago. No longer tethered to a physical office, a desk or even a desktop computer, today’s entrepreneur is on the go – working from home, out of a car, on a plane, you name it!

The Innovator – Measurement

Measurement shows direction. Raw data is the substance of your innovation.

Will China Out Innovate the World? Yes, And It Will Be Sooner Than Later, Here Is Why

Sometimes I just laugh when I head American Futurists, Corporate Leaders, Politicians, and Academic Intellectuals tell us that China will become our factory floor and we will become a knowledge based economy – that somehow 1.3 billion Chinese workers will do our bidding and we will be the brilliant ones doing the designing and intellectual work. Let’s talk.

THE INNOVATOR – Mining for Ideas

The Wright brothers wrote to the Smithsonian Institute on May 30, 1899 requesting information on the subject of flight. They were sent four pamphlets on the subject and given the suggestion to read Progress in Flying Machines by Octave Chanute and Experiments in Aerodynamics by Samuel Langley.

Beyond Square: Advantages Of Other Mobile Payment Solutions

Wherever you turn these days, you seem to hear about mobile payment systems. From commercials for mobile payment solutions like Square to questions from your merchant partners, everyone seems to be talking about credit card processing by mobile phone.

The Innovator – Mentor-Protege

The mentor/protege relationship. How does it work?

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