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Paper Based QA Data Capture – Comparing Alternatives

Alternatives to paper based QA data capture do exist and they come in 5 main flavours. These include fully bespoke systems, off the shelf systems, in-house user developed systems based on database or spreadsheets, in-house expert developed systems & externally developed database or spreadsheet based systems. This article discusses the pros and cons of each to allow Technical and Quality Managers, involved in changing from paper-based QA data capture, to make a more informed decision.

What’s Your Research and Development Budget – Apple’s Is At $1 Billion Now

“What’s in Your Wallet” the commercial for Capital One Credit Cards said in the background while I was starting to write this article. Then I thought to myself, better yet; “what are you going to do with what is in your wallet?”

Is Your Website a Dinosaur?

Is your website working for you? Or do you find your website is a drain on your time, resources and productivity?

Modern Contemporary Uses of Promotional Wristbands

Ever been intrigued by wristbands? They have an interesting history and have been employed for all manner of promotional causes and events. They are light, comfortable and extremely versatile with this versatility bringing them into the lives and homes of millions of people across the globe.

Degradable Plastic Bags and Their Uses

Degradable plastic bags are made from the plastics that can be broken down into their base compounds in certain amount of time. Under good conditions this material can degrade to carbon dioxide (and water). This is a very useful technology gaining many environmental advantages. With this technology, using plastic bags is not a problem anymore.

Just Stop and Improve – Taking Time Out to Ignite Business Process Improvement

Sometimes, if you want to improve then all you need to do is stop and take stock. The interruption to just doing the same old thing can often be enough to trigger a wave of ideas.

How to Acquire Funding For a Technology Innovation Program

  Any technology innovation program may face many problems; from legal problems including inhibiting rules and regulations, competition from fellow and sometimes bigger, more experienced innovators, lack of adequate skills and experience, inadequate market research and lack of proper management. Funding however is the biggest and most common problem that any entrepreneur may face. Any business needs money to operate and research and development programs need even more money.

Effective Innovative Ideas for HR

Innovation is often spoken about in business meetings, but for the most part the true meaning of innovation in terms of how to apply it is often misunderstood. Understanding the importance of innovation for businesses lies in the foundation of building it through your company starting with your Human Resources department. Innovative human resource management consists of hiring new employees who bring new ideas, methods and procedures to your work environment that keeps your business ahead of the competition.

5 Lessons in Thought Leadership and Navigating Business

Leaders agree! In order to stay relevant and competitive, businesses and business people must innovate. And, in order to innovate more effectively: faster, cheaper, more profitably; people need to collaborate.

Innovative iPad Accessories for Your Business

There have been many innovations that have been beneficial for businesses over the years. One that is not to be left out of the mix, however, is a relative newcomer to the scene. I’m talking about the Apple iPad, a device that has not only found its way into many of our homes but has also provided us with many ways to incorporate its use into our business.

Innovation Jobs of the Future

An innovation job requires fresh thinking and rethinking the role of an employee. With an innovation job must also come an innovation manager. An innovation manager will be able to rethink and assess traditional job roles and utilize that in a new age.

Why I Admire Tyler Perry For Doing Alex Cross, And What We Can All Learn From It!

Alex Cross is quite a change for all of us, but it is especially a big shift for Tyler Perry. The man, who we fell in love with because of his portrayal of Madea, has kept us in stitches since he came on the scene.

Paper Based QA Data Capture – The Real Cost

Many UK food companies continue to use paper forms to capture their valuable QA data. This is surprisingly expensive and difficult to manage. Hand-written data is also prone to transcription error and does not provide those companies with an easy way to analyse the data. This article provides the reader with a rough breakdown of costs associated with paper-based data capture systems.

Importance and Benefits of Creativity Workshops

In today’s dynamic business environment, an organization is bombarded with several challenges to survive and stay afloat. To remain competitive, it needs to be vigilant to signs such as not being able to generate new ideas that can save money, or embracing any process that encourages innovative thinking among employees.

Product Innovation for Competitive Edge in Business

Product innovation is the development of better products for the consumer. These new products improve on the functionality of same products on the market. By innovating, companies can be able to give themselves an advantage over their competitors.

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