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3 Basic Moves Innovators Have In Common With Toddlers

What do innovators and toddlers have in common? In what way can patience complement persistence within the infancy stage of your business model and organizational strategy?

How Are You Filling Your Idea Pipeline?

I’ve just been reading a terrific new book called High-Profit Prospecting by my friend and colleague Mark Hunter. Mark is a consummate sales professional, and his book is about how to keep your sales pipeline full so that you never run out of valuable prospects. I’m not a sales professional, but I am an idea professional. And, just like I think it’s vital for people in the sales business to keep their sales pipelines full, I think it’s equally vital for people in the idea business to keep their idea pipelines full. By the way, as a leader, you are in the idea business.

The Future State of Manufacturing

The world’s population is rapidly growing, in order to keep up with the demand the manufacturing industry must become even more efficient. By utilizing digital work instructions, humans will be able to work in unison with robotics.

Disruptive 3D Technology Considered

The other day our think tank was discussing the challenges of 3-D printing and how “Capitalism will begin to suffer damage when 3D printing starts to affect the retail distribution chain.” Consider if you will that in the future people will be 3D printing at home using carbon composite layering graphene, metallic materials, plastics, ceramic materials, etc. – people don’t need to go to a retail store to buy cheap products, they can merely print them in their living room. What about the jobs at the major retailers, what about the management in retail, the buyers, truck drivers, warehouse staff? All those jobs gone?

When It Comes To Technology Grants, Startups Can Offer More Bang For the Buck Than Universities

In reviewing the scientific research grants we give to academia, billions of million dollars a year, I often find it amazing how little we get for all that money spent. No, don’t get me wrong, I believe in research, it’s just that I wonder if government is the best way to fund innovative pure research science. You see, I find that the amount of government funded research is so vast it is crowding out the private foundations and corporate sponsored research mechanism, which I find completely troubling.

Are You The Problem?

Many people look in the wrong place for solutions, when things start going wrong. This article shows a case study of a consultation that found an amazing answer.

Using Ball Mills in the Energy Industry

In the industry worldwide, there is already some considerable experience in the use of ultra-fine ground coal in energy production – as a cost-effective fuel to replace gas and fuel oil at energy production facilities (in the USA, Germany, and China). The USA has positive experience in using it at a 600 MW unit in North Carolina for firing a boiler powered by ultra-fine ground coal. Ultra-fine ground coal is also being used to power boilers run by the Steinmuller corporation in Germany, for whom a specially-designer unit to exploit the power source was built. The results were very successful. This new technology is low-cost, with a short return-on-investment cycle which will hit break-even in no more than 2 to 3 years. The additional financing costs are in producing the ultra-fine ground coal (the purchase of ball mill machinery) – the additional machinery also has a short investment payback cycle due to the economics of the fuel supply industry.

3D Printing and Medicine – How They Create Amazing Innovations

Thee leaps and bounds that 3D printing has made in the past few years also comes with an incredibly wide variety of possibilities that have opened up in countless domains. Notably, the medical field benefits greatly from 3D printing.

The TV Show Pure Genius Is Pure Science Fiction: Not Coming to an EHR Near You Anytime Soon

The TV show Pure Genius shows us fantastic technology that doesn’t yet exist. Perhaps we’ll see some of it available sometime in the future but not right now.

Want Better Ideas? Then Stop Brainstorming!

I used to be a fan of brainstorming. What could be better for generating ideas than gathering your team around a table, presenting the challenge, and then letting the ideas flow! No bad ideas here! Just open the mental floodgates and let the brilliance pour out! Each idea sparking another, and another! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

The CRAZY MATH to Growing YOUR Business

The CRAZY MATH is all about using books as creative business growth tools. They are highly effective, and very cheap. BUT the ROI is huge!

Stop Treating Creativity As an Option

Turning creativity into money. That’s how I sometimes described my job as the Executive Producer of a hit comedy TV show in Seattle. Turning creativity into money. See, our job, week after week, was to be creative-on demand. BUT, that creativity had to lead to profit. If what we created-jokes, comedy sketches, parodies-didn’t draw an audience that advertisers would pay to reach, our creativity would have gone nowhere (and our careers would have quickly followed). But we did draw that audience, and the station made a healthy profit. And it all began with our creativity. Our creativity was the engine that powered the profits.

The Corporate Communication Imperative

Quality communication is the quintessence of any thriving business or institution, and now with digital signage being utilized for corporate communications, managers can engage back-of-office employees while simultaneously welcoming visitors as they enter the front door-reaching each segment with unique messages, purposes, and locations. Isn’t it time to consider a communication tool that will improve the quality of your corporate communications?

How to Calculate Nutrition Data Using Excel or Open Office Calc

Learning the key concepts needed to calculate nutrition values for ready-made and packaged food is imperative for EU food manufacturers. EU law states that all pre-packaged food sold off site must meet the EU 1169/2001 requirements for nutrition on their packaging by December 13 2016.

Can You Have a Breakthrough Without Breakdowns?

A breakthrough is a much desired achievement by individuals or businesses. However, they rarely happen. When they do, most are accidents. If breakthroughs are desirable, why do they rarely happen? This article outlines the biggest challenge of intentionally producing breakthroughs. It also takes a counterintuitive view for why breakthroughs can be much simpler than most believe.

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