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Five Reasons Healthcare Needs Process Redesign

For the healthcare industry, improving processes is critical to improving results, whether to improve processes, reduce costs, increase capacity or improve patient satisfaction. However, what if you need to do more than just improve the process? What if you need a completely redesigned process or even new processes to achieve your organization’s goals? Perhaps, you need to completely redesign your core business processes. This article will discuss the top 5 reasons process redesign is what is needed for healthcare processes.

Accelerating the Pace of Innovation With Collaboration

Innovation is one of the most useful attributes that a company can have and CEOs across every industry are always looking for the latest ways to expand this aspect of their companies. With increasing global competition, and the rapidly accelerating pace of business, innovation is often the only tool that can give companies the boost that they need to be competitive. The increase in technology and computing power has brought about a leveling of the innovation playing field, as more and more businesses are able to capitalize on the rapid testing and implementation…

Steering Clear of an Innovation Shipwreck

Often in an organization there are a few different mindsets on how the innovation process should work, and who should be inputting the creativity. While they all have the same goal – to find the next blockbuster innovation – their methods can be quite different, and this can cause conflict when deciding where to allocate the resources. Working to find a blend of the methods and figure out which innovation style works best for your company’s specific needs will ensure that the resources aren’t being squandered when you have a better solution available.

The Benefits of Fracking

Fracking has changed the way people think about the oil industry in the United States, and for good reason. Though fracking has its downsides, it could revolutionize oil production in the United States while reducing our dependance on other countries.

The Importance Of Screening Equipment And Fluidised Bed Dryer In The Food Industry

To increase productivity and get better product quality, many industry especially those in the manufacturing have relied on many different equipment for their processes. Food products require careful handling. Because of this, food industry relies on machines that can help them accomplish processes effectively.

Innovative Embroidery Effects You Can Use to Decorate Apparel for Profit

Aren’t you just over the daily grind of placing the same old designs with the same old fills of the same old threads on the same old garments? Are you looking for something unique and saleable that will appeal to your customers? Well, the task of finding that special something shouldn’t be too difficult. Digitizers and manufacturers alike are eager to help you discover new ways to keep embroidery alive in the marketplace. New products are developed every day to make your job easier-to keep it exciting with an endless array of novel, new looks. Here’s a quick run-down on exactly how to accomplish the most popular of these looks.

What Business Can Learn From Apple Innovation

Let’s take a second to talk about innovation and what it really means to most of us. A large percentage of the population confuse the difference between innovation and revolution. Innovation is more akin to constant improvement and change then it is about giant leaps forward.

3 Apple Innovations Steve Jobs Didn’t Invent

Explore three Apple devices, in fact the top 3 products in the Apple range, which are items that where not invented by Steve Jobs. Apple proves that it’s not about who is the most creative that creates the success.

3 Ways To Build Innovation In Tough Times

When there is economic uncertainty and all of the business world is uneasy about the landscape of the near future, focusing on and increasing your innovation process can help your organization to increase its competitive advantage. Becoming an innovation leader in tough times may not seem like the most ideal solution, but by taking advantage of the relatively small amount of ground that you will lose in a depressed economy will position your company for explosive growth during the coming boom. At the very least your organization will be able to weather the storm of any further downturn, by innovating…

5 Keys to Innovation Every Business Needs to Succeed

Most organizations recognize the importance of innovation in advancing their competitive position or improving their business processes. However, many may not recognize that successful innovation is built on a framework of component functions, each of which is critical to the overall efficacy of the program. These functions, known as innovation framework components, individually define specific characteristics of the program and collectively describe the organization’s posture toward innovation.

Where Do Breakthroughs Come From?

Many people give intellectual explanations for how breakthroughs are created. However, those explanations do not help people create breakthroughs. Yet, breakthroughs continue to be created by unconventional thinkers. For most, the challenge is to unlearn what you know and think with new knowledge that does not exist. This dilemma makes it appear that breakthroughs are only for the chosen few. The time has come to develop a new perspective on innovation.

Save Your Business Time and Build Efficiency With A Custom Mobile App

Almost everyone today owns a smartphone, and according to Morgan Stanley, 91% of all smartphone users keep their phones beside them 24 hours a day, and most of those people are checking their smartphones for calls, texts, and emails at least once an hour! So why have businesses that have not developed a mobile application for their business done so already? Below are two reasons on why having a custom mobile application for your business will not only help to save you and your customer’s time, but also help to build efficiency within the workplace.

Administrative Services Professionals and Their Six Sigma Responsibilities

Administrative services might not sound like it would fall under the umbrella of a Six Sigma job. When most people think of Six Sigma, they immediately think of manufacturing or perhaps research and development. However, administrative services professionals can and do have a wide range of Six Sigma-related responsibilities on the job. What might these be and how do they benefit a business?

A Closer Look at Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The world of Six Sigma has grown and diversified in the years since its inception. Today, you’ll find various belt holders working at all levels in national and international businesses. What’s more, the widespread adoption of Six Sigma practices and strategies has opened up new worlds for employment. Businesses large and small need certified experts on staff. For most people, starting off with Six Sigma green belt certification is the ideal option.

More Freedom With an Online Business

Your online business will give a lot of freedom. You need to work hard to get it out of the ground but in the end you’ll be rewarded.

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