Best Energy Dividend Stocks to Buy Cheap

Going Beyond Paper – Why There’s More To Document Scanning Than You Think

Document scanning became popular in the mid 90s and grew in popularity over the next decade or so and like most popular technology at the time has gone a little stale. Or has it? We go into why document scanning can still play a major part in improving how a business operates.

Test Product and Market and Business Model Ideas Prior to Launch? Yes!

If you are very early in the concept phase for your next adventure – regardless if it’s the revision of an existing hardware product or launching a new mobile app, plan that it will morph and redirect at least 5-7 times.  In the very early stages, you may be reluctant to speak with too many people.

Save America From National Suicide

If we are not grooming American students for the world of innovation then we are creating National Suicide.In order to keep the innovation ball rolling in America. America needs an invention revolution in every level of American society, in every community and in every school.. Students need to be immersed in an inventive environment daily. American Education needs an Invention Revolution.

What Makes a Good Business Idea?

There are millions of new business ideas a year: some are successes, but most fail. How can we ensure that our business idea is a strong one?

5 Reasons Why You Should Digitise Your Book

With a consistently rising interest in the production and possibilities of e-books and digital books which can be sold online, it seems there is no better time to think about digitising your books. We give you 5 reasons why you should consider doing it.

Apple’s Newest Features

When you look at Apple’s long list of features, it’s really no surprise that they are leaders in the world of technology. Just when you think they can’t think of anything else, they prove you wrong by coming out with a new feature that you may have thought impossible.

An Innovation Process Idea to Harness Disruptive Innovation

  One of the biggest challenges for businesses is innovation. Businesses need to be focused on innovating within the industry. At the same time, they need to be prepared to adapt to new innovations coming from competing businesses within the industry.

Unblock Your Innovation Process

Innovation is the key to sustainable value creation, meaningful differentiation and attractive margins. While most organizations would like to be more innovative, there are often barriers to innovation baked into existing ways of doing business. The right management process helps remove those barriers to unlock innovation.

Three Companies That Have Made a Big Effort Going Green

Individuals aren’t the only ones who are trying to go green. Many companies and businesses have made an impressive effort to make their products and practices more environmentally friendly.

Will R and D Die If the Government Stops Spending And Cuts Its Budget – No It’s a Scare Tactic

I find it odd that everyone in the research and development arena of academia believes that the government needs to keep spending money to fund their research facilities. It’s not the government’s job to fund every itch that an academic has on their rear side. Academic should be doing research on things which are needed, and are worthy in the free-market. If they do that, there will be corporate funding, as right now corporations are sitting on billions of dollars.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

With the increase in the international commoditization of various goods and services, one has to learn different ways of maximizing the “creative” factor that contributes in the promoting process of a business. There are numerous strategy plans to apply but the one that is in the fashion (which is because it is ideal and very effective) is the Innovation culture. People define this process in their different definitions; their opinions differ because creating a culture of innovation depends upon the environment where it will be practiced.

Experiencing The Benefits Of An Innovative Strategy

In many companies across the globe today, you hear the common phrase that they must embrace innovation. There are many different ways in which innovation can be really successful if done correctly, but it is not one-size-fits-all. Since there are many options out there, we will highlight those companies that are experiencing the benefits of an innovative strategy.

Is Digital Printing the Wave of the Future?

Digital printing is on the fast track to overtake screen printing as the preferred method of t-shirt decoration. With a steep learning curve and high entry costs, entry can be daunting for companies thinking about taking the leap.

Amusements For Profit: Draw More People To Your Establishment With Fruit Machine Hire

Folks who usually visit bars, clubs or amusement centers usually look for something to do to have fun and unwind, socializing with people, eating good foods and having great drinks are among the things they desire most when hanging out. For most establishments they are adding different attractions that would draw people’s attention to visit their place. Among these is by putting different coin-operated machines. Owners of the establishments should get fruit machine hire from reliable companies to ensure the most efficient and enjoyable amusements for their business.

How to Smash the Time = Money Link

If you work a 9-5 job for a weekly wage or annual salary then you will be deeply entrenched in the time/money trap. You will be swapping your precious time for a pre-agreed rate per hour, and it is up to your boss to dictate both your self-worth and how many hours you work. A far cry from the land of milk and honey you may think.

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