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10 Common Mistakes – Open Innovation

As a relatively new form of innovation that involves so many people there are bound to be some mistakes when using open innovation. The key is not to give up on the whole concept because of these mistakes, but instead learn to find a variation that works for your company’s needs. Make sure that you find the resources to tweak your open innovation system so that you can take full advantage of the speed and cost savings that are afforded when you get it right.

Top 5 Questions About Implementing Open Innovation

Creating a culture in your company that utilizes open innovation is something that a lot of people would like to do but they have questions they need answers to first. There is a lot of debate about implementing open innovation regarding conflicts of intellectual property, confidentiality, creating open innovation networks, limited accountability, and creating workable measurement metrics. Here are the top 5 questions about implementing open innovation with some answers that may help you make a more educated decision regarding your situation.

Collaboration Readiness in Australian Business

The latest report from the Federal Government, “Smarter Manufacturing for Smarter Australia”, can be summarised in two words: Collaboration Imperative. As job losses in manufacturing and closures of a number manufacturing facilities, particularly in automotive began to mount, a Taskforce of business, union and academic leaders was established to come up with solutions to stop or reverse the trend. Whatever industry you are in, don’t be mistaken, if we stop producing value added products and services, we won’t be a ‘lucky country’ for much longer.

Three Trends For The Workforce of Tomorrow

You would think that, based on the campy movies of the 1950s, we would already have jet-packs or at least cars that drive themselves by now. It is always a bit hard to predict what the future holds, but sometimes looking at trends helps to guide us in the right direction. I am not sure anyone would have predicted a lot of the events, economic occurrences and social shifts that we are seeing today.

Devices Aren’t Heroes – The Humans Who Use Devices Are Heroes

As an bleeding adopter of the MS TabletPC operating system (2001) and an avid student of the mainstream shift to Tablets everywhere, I learned that no matter how sexy a device looked, how many applications it had, what the pricing was, what data connection services were available, or what external gadgets came along with it – the single most important factor is ‘how we people use the device in their daily work/play?’  The technical name for this is workflow.

Cloud Computing Takes Your Backoffice To The Cloud

Cloud computing has created a revolution in the IT industry with its software systems that make each and every business competitive when it comes to their computing capabilities. Cloud computing can manage your complete back office infrastructure, lower your IT and payroll costs and increase your ability to communicate and close customers. Whether on the road or at the office your business is integrated, your files are safe and instantly accessible. From a small, one person office to a giant institution or fortune 500 company all business today needs faster communication,file sharing and good collaboration practices. Software that streamlines that process through document management and ones that may even provide free online cloud storage and back office business tools to help manage and share data seamlessly and from the moment you sign up is available now as a software as a service or SaaS solution.

Earn a Million Dollars the Smart Way

Ideas on how to make a million dollars the smart way. Together we make the difference to each other’s success. Make your million but help other people along the way and make this planet a better place to live.

Organisational Change and Restructuring

When large changes (such as a significant restructure) occur, many Managers do a good job of focusing on the general human and organisational factors which comprise the “big picture”. Yet, if equal attention is not paid to the “small picture” (such as how the staff members will respond to the change) the seeds of a nightmare will be sown, while the fruits of opportunity are wasted.

Remarkable Ideas for Uncommon Restroom Signs

Find out if you can actually use non-conventional signs for the restrooms at your place of business. With more and more businesses actually using innovative signs for their restrooms, you do tend to wonder if these are allowed despite the need for ADA compliance. Here are some ideas you might find useful for such a venture.

Top 6 Problems CEOs Face – And How You Can Overcome Them

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower I would like to share the top 6 problems facing CEOs this year, and how you can overcome them.

The Eight Pillars of Innovation

  Google is one of the most innovative companies that has ever existed and it seemingly gets better at the process every year. But how is this possible? They use a system that they have developed that revolves around eight core pillars.

Save Fuel and Energy With Superior Scientifically Blended Oil

The rising cost of fuel and energy is causing progressive businesses to look outside the box. Supplement products are now being used to optimize fuel efficiency for fleet vehicles as well as building Natural Gas.

Can You Compete With a Committee of 20 – Why Certainly and You Can Easily Win Too

There is a really interesting new series of YouTube videos about introverts which goes to refute much of the hyped concept of “groupthink” and collaboration for problem solving. It’s quite good with so many decent examples of why brainstorming sessions don’t always come up with the best answers.

Just Because You Are An Industry Innovator Doesn’t Mean You Can Stop Innovating

One thing you should never do in business is to rest on your laurels. You should never assume that your competition is going to give you a free pass. Every business has to fight for every customer, especially in a down economy. Now then, Apple Computers is the largest company in the world by market cap, and they’ve had a hell of a run with Steve Jobs and his creative genius. Their innovation has been quite stunning, even if much of their new technology has been borrowed from other places, and repackaged together in absolutely beautiful devices.

The Big GREEN Elephant In The Room

As operating costs continue to rise at unsustainable rates, business owners must look for “low-hanging fruit” opportunities to reduce their cost of doing business. For businesses with large energy demands, such opportunities abound in the form of efficiency upgrades.

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