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Who’s In Your Garage?

What can two guys in a garage do? Just ask the founders of Apple, Amazon, HP, Disney and Google to name a few. These innovative upstart companies changed entertainment, business, technology and communication as we knew it. A couple of guys and gals, slogging through a problem that no one else perceived as a problem or took the time to resolve. They took risks because at that point they had nothing, so there was nothing to lose. They had few predispositions as to how their project should operate because it had never been done before. So what can you do in a garage?

What Is A Calorimeter For?

In the process industries, the use of a calorimeter is common especially those that are in the natural gas or other fuel gas manufacturing. Calorimeter comes in different types and choosing the one that will suit your company’s needs will help you obtain correct measurement of the CV or WI of your products.

Strategy and How to Get Some

Strategy isn’t just for big business. Using a 4-step process, you can access the huge benefits of strategy, and transform your business.

A Systematic Approach to Process Innovation

A process innovation is one that significantly changes the speed, the cost, and/or an aspect of the quality of the process or service, and has the potential to change the competitive landscape. In addition, process innovations generally challenge powerful assumptions. Every business operates under the constraints of operating assumptions. We may not even think of them as assumptions, but rather as facts-of-life, because they are so ingrained in our organization’s paradigm. But to achieve a significant breakthrough, we have to identify and overcome a significant operating assumption and rewrite the rules of the game. This is easier said than done, of course; and in most cases a systematic approach to inventive problem solving is required.

Creativity and Innovation As a Competency

Businesses are now conducted at breakneck speed with new technologies and new innovation. The new mantra of today’s successful organization is to innovate or die an untimely death. Competitions are abundant and for your organization to survive you need to come up with innovative and workable ideas to match this onslaught. Innovation is an integral part of creativity. Put these two terms together and you will have a practical and synergistic approach to finding solutions even in the most impossible situation. You just need to know where to look.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of electronic money (Cryptocurrency) that is autonomous from traditional banking. It started to be circulated in 2009 and is considered as the best known digital currencies around. Bitcoins rely on computer networks to solve complex math problems to verify and record the details of each transaction made.

Solving the Innovation Dilemma

Most people and most organizations want to be innovative. After all, those who are first to market with a new product typically get the best returns, and those who develop new and more innovative processes can typically provide much better quality at much lower costs. But consider how infrequently innovations such as those listed above happen…

To Win the Brainstorming Game, Play by the Rules

Just hearing the word “rules” can be a turnoff for many people. But rules are essential. Every well-conducted group activity in the world has rules-sports, games, meetings, legal proceedings, medicine, classrooms, even extreme kick-boxing death matches. But nowhere is this more important than in a brainstorming session.

The 3 Keys to Brainstorming Success (or Failure)

Does brainstorming work, or not? When you gather together a group of people to generate and develop ideas, are you just wasting everyone’s time and efforts? And if brainstorming does, or at least can work, what does it take to increase your odds of success?

Your Brainstorming Invitee List: Why Diversity Is the Mother of Innovation

Who do you typically brainstorm with? The same group of people, time after time? Do you ever detect a certain “sameness” in the ideas generated? Are you surprised???

How To Double Your Sales and Profits In a Year

As a business owner, you’re not in business just to enrich yourself — you’re there to give people what they want, too. You can do both if you’ll just keep a close eye on your prospects’ chief interests.

Want To Be A Good Innovator – Keep Your Hands In the Cookie Jar!

There seem to be a number of phrases and words we see and hear every day such as; sustainability, and innovation. We use these words so much they’ve almost become cliche and reduced to rubble, no value to anyone. Interestingly enough, I do know a thing or two about innovation, as I’ve been innovating all of my life, mostly in business, but also now in retirement running a think tank. Let’s talk shall we?

So You Invented Something?

Many so called inventors are in for a surprise when they see that no one wants to see their invention idea. There is a process to follow before you throw your idea out there.

Genius Is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration – What Organizations Need to Remember

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration – Edison. What does this mean in today’s business world? What does it mean for sales people and for organizations? What is the trap that organizations have fallen into by ignoring this statement?

What Is Innovation?

Many people embark on a new business venture with high hopes and big dreams, but are often met with disappointment and frustration. There is a reason for this and a solution to build a profitable business.

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