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A New Focus for Power Companies

A somewhat unexpected news story broke last month when the United States and China issued a joint statement announcing a series of targets established for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. U.S. President Barack Obama met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping to discuss the efforts the two economic superpowers have been making toward creating a cleaner, more sustainable society for future generations. While nothing monumental was announced, this is yet another clear indication that companies involved in the business of converting fossil fuels into consumable energy are going to have to change some of the ways in which they do business.

How Clarity of Your Vision Will Drive You Forward

As a small business owner we started our business with such high hopes and enthusiasm for the success and future we want it to have. We dream about it, we put all our energy into it, we love it, we feel it and we think it!

The Medical Product Development Process

Medical Product Development is similar to any other product development process and includes the collaboration of teams for developing a new medical innovation. These innovations are primarily new products, services, devices or an overall improvement of the existing product. However, due to the number of complications and challenges faced throughout the process, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to conceptualize a new medical device and finally move to the designing process.

Design Innovation 101

Managing and controlling a business isn’t an easy task with the increased number of challenges and complications business owners have to face today. Businesses are under constant pressure and often wonder how they can create innovations that customers do not expect, but will eventually love? How can they create services and products that are distinct from those available in the market? Well, to answer these questions, it is advised to use what is called ‘Design Innovation’. In this article, you will learn about what design innovation is, the key objectives and a few benefits.

Natural Timber Preservation Improved

Forget the dangerous chemicals and protect your lumber safely, effectively and permanently in an all natural and environmentally friendly way. No other product currently available has ever achieved these proven long term results.

The Relationship Between Creativity and Innovation – And Why You Need Both

The relationship between creativity and innovation is often misunderstood. In fact, the words are often used interchangeably. But understanding the difference, and how they depend on each other, is critical if you’re going to succeed at either one – or ideally, both.

Leveraging Black History Month to Inspire Young Minorities to Pursue STEM Education

According to statistics, less than 20% of minority students are enrolled in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. Yet, across the United States, STEM related jobs continue to be the area of primary employment. Leveraging Black History Month to strategically inspire minority students to pursue STEM studies at a young age is the focus of this article.

IP Address Sales, Transfers and Rental Pricing

The IP address transfer has many components. Here are tips on prices for sales, the transfer process, and rentals.

Mental Models: The Box Everyone Is Trying to Think Outside of

How many times weekly does a business person hear “It’s time to do some outside box thinking?” Mental models are the box everyone is trying to escape. Mental models prevent thinking forward events.

What Should a Corporate Innovation Manager Do?

Not long ago, I was discussing with some technologically advanced friends of mine about exactly what the job description of an innovation manager at a large corporation should be. Here at our think tank, we’ve discussed the need for someone of that caliber and experience, as we come up with new ideas all the time and launch new projects. In fact, I doubt I could predict which projects we will launch 6-months from now. I just know we need someone to manage it all. Okay let’s talk about this for a moment shall we?

Top 6 Tips for Successful Product Development

For anyone running a business and selling products, it is obvious that product development can sometimes have a hit or miss result. If you get lucky, you will be able to develop a product that works as you intended, sells well, and gets good reviews from consumers. However, what do you do if your products never gain the success they deserve? Or worse, what will you do if your team just can’t get the job done right? Well, follow these top six tips for successful product development that will allow your business to reach new heights of success.

Industrial Design 101

Industrial Design, simply known as ID, is a rather specialized professional field of work. Have you ever wondered who come up with the designs for the gadgets you use on a daily basis? Well, the people behind the user-friendliness, uniqueness, and exceptional design of these consumer products are industrial designers.

How to Generate New Ideas

Have you heard of the oft repeated quote – “Leaders don’t do different things, they just do things differently!”? Our world revolves around ideas. New ideas act as the enabler for innovation and development. In this article, we take a look at how to come up with those “brilliant ideas”.

How to Get an Industrial Design Job?

Industrial Design, or ID, is the systematic application of arts and science to create an innovative and unique design for a product or solution, which is mutually beneficial for both consumers and manufacturers. While the field of industrial design may appear to be a rather easy one, it actually isn’t. This is mainly because the industrial design field requires great focus, skill and knowledge about engineering, art and marketing all rolled into one.

Powerful Electronic Resume Submittals

Emailing resumes to clients has been common practice for a number of years. Can you even remember a time when staffing companies submitted resumes via any other means? Resume submission via email is a major component of the placement process.

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