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Is Your Organization Keeping Pace or Just Marking Time?

Organizations tend to get bogged down in the daily business at hand. It is important for the organization to devote time to keeping pace with the rapid changes in today’s world and marketplace. This article presents key considerations for the organization to use in asking the question: ” Are we keeping pace or just marking time?”

The Proclamation of Innovation – Redefine Your Industry

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” – Peter Drucker (Writer & Consultant) Without innovation, businesses would lack the opportunity to survive, grow, create wealth, and influence the direction of their industry. Therefore, innovation serves as a powerful weapon in competitive markets enabling companies to not only take on a leadership position that favors them most but also put their mark on the evolution of businesses worldwide.

How to Select the Right SR and ED, OIDMTC Firm for You?

There are mixed emotions when choosing the right tax credit preparation firm for SR&ED and OIDMTC processing. As with any industry, there are always your good and bad apples and it is up to the client to educate themselves for better assessment.

Service Robots for High Rise Condos Considered – Potential Business Model

In the future robots will replace human labor in the service sector, retail sector, transportation sector, education sector, and artificial intelligence will run our government, infrastructure, and we won’t need people to do much of anything. Eventually the robots will make other robots, which will fill-up the supply chain from the mining of raw materials to the final production, packaging, marketing, and sale. Ouch, what about humans?

Use Of GPS Technology By Moving Companies

Man and van services are incomplete without the use of GPS technology. It adds confidence in clients regarding safe moving. GPS technology allows a company to manage tasks and vans in a smooth manner.

Demonstrating the Value of Big Data

Companies often question the value of investing in to Big Data analytics. However, recent research undertaken by Berkeley University shows that most companies are accruing this data in silos, even if they are not actively exploiting it. Walmart has recently applied analytics techniques to its ecommerce data silo, with amazing results, showing the true value of Big Data analytics.

Revealed: Top 3 Reasons Preventing Business Innovation in Australia

Deloitte Private has released a new report identifying 3 of reasons business innovation in Australia may be slower then in other economies. The Deloitte report indicates that business innovation in Australia may be slower because of lack of corporate and government support, access to capital and a culture that is afraid of risk. Deloitte partner Josh Tanchel, who coordinated the report named “Startups: Playing it Safe is the Biggest Risk” said that the panelists who took part in the report unanimously agreed about the potential and presence of…

How Entrepreneurial Leadership Leads to Business Success

This article will explore a number of self-made billionaires and understand how they transformed their lives from humble beginnings and how their leadership leads to business success. Of the 1,426 billionaires reported in the world today, 960 of these are self-made. Of the 960 billionaires, 830 managed more than one business and this article briefly describes the multiple businesses they ran at once.

Overcoming Inertia Through Innovation

In 1843, US Patent Office Commissioner Henry Ellsworth wrote to Congress: “The advancement of the arts, from year to year, taxes our credulity and seems to presage the arrival of that period when human improvement must end.” In other words, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Since then, of course, the world has witnessed an unprecedented pace of change and innovation on a scale unimaginable in the 19th century.

Choose LED Lightning Solutions for Your Property

We are the Leading Manufacturers of LED lighting Products. Being the Largest LED distributors in North America, We handle LED light conversion Projects also.

How To Make Your Business Cards Memorable

Many centuries ago, people started realizing the importance of business cards in order to get recognition. The only difference was that such cards were used by people to introduce themselves to others, so that they could be remembered in the future. Similarly, businesses use these cards to make their brand memorable.

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Recycling and the Green Economy

The Green Economy is here and it is creating jobs while creating sustainable environments. Diverting waste from landfills is a key priority as moving towards a zero waste environment means everything is recyclable, and associated processes create real jobs. Technological innovation and will drive environmental services companies and communities to do more, and drive a growing Green Economy while saving the environment.

The Strategic Inflection Point

Are you missing a strategic inflection point? Strategic inflection points represent what happens to a business when a major change takes place in its competitive environment. You can think of it as the point at which a trend or curve changes direction from positive to negative or negative to positive. Ignoring them will lead to your organization’s peril – spotting them in time can position you with a great strategic advantage.

Important Milestones in Information Systems Innovation

Modern information systems have taken hundreds of years to develop into the complex networks that they are today. As society has moved away from primitive computer systems and toward highly advanced database networks, new career opportunities have developed. Individuals who wish to apply knowledge of modern technology to real world business problems are discovering that this new professional employment sector is perfect for them.

Is Your Organization Prepared For The Future?

An organization places itself at risk if it does not plan for the future. Time has to be allotted for this important work. This article identifies three areas the organization needs to investigate to help prepare for the future.

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