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Grey Cell Transfer Technology – A Strategy For Business Continuity

The truth is, traditional training, while it is a source of new skills, is out of sync with the needs of a modern, fast-paced business. Put on L-plates on your organisation because Learning is the new black.

Seminar Report – The New Competitiveness: Innovation Ecosystems and Sustainable Innovation

Prof. Antti Hautamäki is a research professor in Agora Center, University of Jyväskylä. His research field is innovation processes and service innovation. Currently he is also the director of Agora Center. Defining new competitiveness: An old concept based on productivity, technology and growth. A new concept based on well being of people. This includes adopting sustainable innovations and producing solutions to ‘wicked’ problems, encouraging innovation and creativity in people and building local innovation ecosystems for networking and co-creation.

Seminar Report: From Fuzzy Control to Disruptive Innovations

This seminar was hosted by the Dept of Electrical Engineering, NUS. Professor CC Hang, Head of Engineering and Technology Management in NUS aimed to give students and guests with a background Electrical Engineering a headstart in bridging the gap between engineering and technology management. The main outline of his talk was on Fuzzy Control, Disruptive Technology and finally, the opportunity in Reverse Innovation.

Seth Godin on Failure

Success is what we all strive for. But it is not Success that helps you move forward. If you analyse Success, you are looking in a rear view mirror and will only try to duplicate your previous actions.

A Guide on How to Generate Passive Income Online From Multiple Streams in a Synchronized Way

Developing a passive income generator has become a trend these days. Even the new entrepreneurs are becoming interested in these passive income business models. Most offline passive income business models require some initial investments whereas the online business ideas don’t need substantial investments to be made. That’s why more people are becoming interested in these internet based business ideas and working hard towards building a decent income source.

Develop an Invention Business Plan for Success

Effectively communicate your invention in writing by developing a versatile invention business plan. Use it for many common purposes within the invention process including invention hunts, licensing agents, engineers, manufacturers, retailers, and drafting provisional patents. Actual examples.

Setting Up Your Own Passive Income Generator Online From Scratch: Mistakes You Must Avoid

Since online business models have become successful, a concept has also come out with it. Generating passive income is no more a new idea. You can make decent money from working online; and if you can setup the system, you can start making an income for the rest of your lifetime.

Innovation in Banking Sector Through Communication

Banks and financial institutions are priority driven bodies that are responsible for stabilizing uncertain economic conditions. Most of the people think that banks are responsible for slashing inflation, improving growth rate, fostering business operations & effectuating security measures, while some feel that banks are good to take loans for business initiatives only.

Elements of Well-Designed Healthcare Services for Higher Revenues

This short article provides a checklist of seven elements that the most successful service program contain. The more of these elements that a service program has, the more likely the program will generate higher revenue.

Revenue: The Only Business Measurement That Matters

Many ideas look good on paper and sound good in conversation. So why is that we waste so much time trying new services or processes that do not meet our expectations?

Social Business – The New Business Model

There’s a new business model on the block: social business. It’s how businesses are leveraging from the internet using social media platforms, clever software and web-based innovation to catapault their business success.

Chiller Tower Air Conditioning Conservation

If air conditioning is one of our nation’s largest energy drains then large building chiller systems often with evaporative cooling towers make up a large part of that statistic. These systems are often the largest most expensive building system and use a lot of power to deliver a comfortable environment. Although built to last for many years these systems become far less effective as they age.

Stealth Innovation Is Not a Solution

When you are trying to implement an innovative culture or an innovation process it can be difficult work with or without unanimous support. There is always going to be conflict when you are trying to change a process or business function that has been adapted to whether or not the innovation is seen as better or not. Taking a collective approach to innovation may seem difficult at first but it is the only way that it will truly be able to affect change.

Inspiring Blockbuster Ideas and Innovation

Innovation, just as most business concepts, takes resources and a budget to make it a reality. Making sure that the idea generation and innovative process has the resources that it needs to succeed is sometimes a difficult task. The financial officers have a difficult task of quantifying exactly how much should be spent when the return on investment (ROI) isn’t easy to calculate.

How About a Little Pre-Hand-Me-Down Transfer Technology in the Giant Dirigible Sector?

Well, my grandfather back in the day was working with pure naval research and the US Navy blimp program at Moffett Field. He was even in a hot air balloon off the coast of New Jersey about 200 miles calling in the weather as it proceeded across the Atlantic trying to estimate how bad the storm would be during the invasion of Normandy. Obviously all of that was top-secret for reasons of operational intelligence.

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