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Beatles Business Decision Number One – Spreading the Spotlight

Sure, the Beatles were a great rock band and loads of fun, but for the sake of our conversation here let’s remember… they were also business people. They were a company, a brand that changed the world of entertainment, music, licensing and SO much more.

The Latest Neuroscience on Creative Thinking

Can we all be Einsteins in our workplaces? One of the main areas of interest where neuroscience has been applied is in the development of innovation and creative thinking. Through innovation organisations can set themselves apart from their competitors using new ideas to develop products and services- so perhaps it’s not surprising that a lot of resources are channeled into this area…

Using Canines to Detect Carrion in Support of the American Burying Beetle

The American Burying Beetle was federally listed as an endangered species in July 1989, and until now, there have been but a few archaic methods to attempt to protect it. Today, with the utilization of properly trained canines, we have the ability to efficiently and effectively protect the species, while allowing safe development of lands which inhabit the species. Dogs are used in the industry for many talented duties such explosives, narcotics, and even cancer detection. Until this new research, they had not been used for protecting wildlife while also allowing safe development of affected lands.

How To Manage ‘The Freedom To Fail’ In Innovation

Innovation is messy, sticky and unruly. It comes in fits and starts. One thing it absolutely isn’t is perfect and systematic. So how do you measure the behaviour of your innovators and avoid creating a culture of fear?

Rutger Macklean – A Revolutionary Physiocrat That Made a Difference

Modern Scania is a fertile territory. Scania has an advantageous geographic position as the gateway to Scandinavia. To reach mainland Europe one needs to cross the bridge of Öresund and once the Fehmarn Belt fixed link to Germany is opened this position will grow in significance. Traditionally Scania possesses some of Europes most fertile farmlands that stand for about half of Sweden’s food production. It is also strong in Life Sciences and IT/Telekom and offer a unique environment for cultural and creative production.

When Innovation Becomes an Agility Exercise

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust. No company beats Cirque du Soleil to illustrate Proust’s view as it has redefined the genre of the old-fashioned and declining theatrical in the 1980s and has continuously changed and reinvented itself ever since. Cirque du Soleil was originally created by a band of creatively ingenuous street performers and has entertained to date nearly 150 million people across six continents and in more than 300 cities, reportedly exceeding US$1 billion in revenue annually.

Made in England: Air Bearings

It is often said that British engineers make the inventions but other nations exploit them. The history of technology is full of stories of British innovation that has led to multi-billion dollar industries in the USA, Japan, China and India. Westwind Air Bearings Ltd is not a billion-dollar enterprise, but it is a medium size company that has exploited a British invention and continued to dominate its niche market for the past fifty years, having gained the Queen’s Award for Industry, twice for innovation as well as for export achievement.

How Could SOUP Benefit Your Local Community?

Have you heard of something called ‘SOUP’ before? It may sound like a strange project name, but it’s actually a relatively new, innovative business model – it is designed as an offline crowdfunding idea to benefit small, worthwhile businesses.

3 Secrets of a Happy Startup Workplace

Startups across the country are known for their work cultures. But, what does it take for a startup to be a happy one? Well, if motivation was the only thing required, would promising employees be shuttling jobs so often? Maybe Not. It is often believed that work culture is established as soon as you have hired your team. They, in the early stages develop the startup culture.

The Ultimate Guide to Innovation Engineering

Innovation in engineering expedites flow of innovations in the marketplace. It addresses the core needs of departments and subdivisions. It taps new opportunities and can affect the sales and profit margins dramatically.

Would You Give Up Your Own Car to Use a Public Access Car Club?

A public access car club is a business model focused simply on renting a car for a few days, or a week, for basic use – rather than owning your own vehicle full-time. It can be a cost-effective way to utilise accessible transport, while helping minimise the impact of car pollution on the environment. What do you think of this model?

What Is a “Library of Things”, and How Could It Make an Impact in Your Community?

Have you heard of the term “Library of Things” before? It’s an innovative business model, based on borrowing and sharing useful household items for a minimal fee. This model therefore helps the local community in a number of sociable and environmental ways!

How One Question Invented Bill Nye the Science Guy

You all know Bill Nye the Science Guy. If you’re of a certain age, you grew up watching him on TV. If you’re beyond a certain age, your kids grew up watching him on TV. But did you know that Bill Nye the Science Guy was invented out of desperation on January 10, 1987? And it all happened because a low-paid comedy writer asked a different question.

Technology Has Changed the Operational Fabric of Successful Corporations

Ongoing Business Process Re-Engineering needs to be an important component to any significant business enterprise and usually it is critical that technological innovations occurring in the marketplace be an integral part of these re-engineering efforts. This article discusses this topic and provides the reader with insights into the needs corporations have to regularly “transform” what they do or they will rapidly lose their competitiveness.

Product Innovation and Its Process

Innovation is a wide-ranging concept with key emphasis on modernization. As per, innovation is the utilization of latest ideas. It translates into success for companies in terms of raised revenues and tapping new markets and lastly raised profit ratios.

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