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Wikispeed: An Example of Institutional Innovation

What started as a one man team entering a design competition in 2008, has turned into a volunteer team that now exceeds 150 people all over the world. Competing to produce a 100-mpg road legal vehicle, Wikispeed has adopted an institutional innovation model that has been able to take a handful of volunteers and innovate faster than most of its well capitalized competitors. The open-sourced project has been designed to make use of social media, and by sticking to its innovation principles, collaborate with all of the volunteer experts in the various fields of applicable…

Congratulations on Your Engagement!

World-class organizations with a high engagement ratio, of 8:1, have built a sustainable model that allows them to innovate and build brands people love to be part of. So, congratulations! You and your team are engaged. You have ‘proposed’. You both have agreed what you want to accomplish together and you are committed to this relationship for the long haul. Not exactly in these words? Just because companies give employees written contracts doesn’t mean they consider themselves engaged.

Aim for the Sweet Spot: 13 Ways to Know You Should Respond to an RFP

The difference between an innovative organization and one barely surviving is choosing which projects to pursue. Since we can not peer into the future, here is the next best thing.

Lipstick and a Ribbon: 3 Neglected Factors for Adding Value to a Project

Just as important as the idea itself is who will buy it. If you can not sell it, then it’s not worth anything. Those who recognize the steps after an idea can move organizations and themselves forward.

More Than Before: The Profusion of Niches

This article describes major trends that are influencing the business environment. These trends can then be incorporated into a development strategy for long-term growth.

Practical Preservation of the Environment – Two Different Approaches to Conservation

A look at two very different companies and their innovations that are driving the environmental movement for common-sense conservation. With no government funding, these companies protect the environment and make a profit.

Curiosity Wins the Game With Fear

Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain, said it succinctly: “Back in the Serengeti, the animals that were relaxed and unconcerned got eaten, and the nervous vigilant ones survived.” Fear for our survival is wired into our DNA! Just ignoring a fear and pushing through it may work fine for brute force labor, but if you are serious about increasing your impact and influence in the world, you’ll want to sift through the fear that shows up around being more exposed to find the wisdom buried within.

Creating an Innovative Customer Experience

You can identify opportunities to increase revenue by gaining insight into consumer needs and wants related to your existing customer experience, then creatively meeting the need or satisfying the want with innovative solutions. If you want your customers to engage with you and drive increased revenue, then develop customer strategies to fulfill business objectives that are part of your strategic initiatives. What’s more, go beyond just the product or service and create a comprehensive solution that provides a distinctly satisfying customer experience.

What Are Vendor-Sourcing Tools?

This article explains what Vendor-Sourcing tools are and how they came about. It explains the major differences between Vendor-Sourcing tools and traditional Business Directories.

Seven Ways We Think About Things and Interact With the World

In order to effectively understand your audience and their preferences, you must first develop an understanding of their dominant cognitive orientation. There are seven identified and described below. Once you have insight into the dominant orientations of your target audience, you can more effectively design engaging solutions to unmet needs and latent desires.

Innovation in the Digital Era: What Is Going Wrong in Music and Movies?

What are the results of the democratization effect of integrating digital technology into various industries, in particular music and movies. Has that resulted in a broader array of high quality or innovative movies and music available to us all? Currently, the answer is no. Learn why that is.

What Will Our Jobs Be Like in the Next 10 Years?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), virtualization, management and security will set the tone for the jobs of the future. The jobs of the future will, without a doubt, be molded by technological evolution, sector-specific trends and globalization, among other factors and, ideally, these jobs will not be limited by corporative policies nor economic crisis.

Institutional Innovation: An Overview

With the exponential growth of technology and the ever changing political climate of the world’s nation states institutions that focus on innovation and accelerating learning are the ways forward. Institutional innovation affords organizations the ability to redesign their processes and adapt to the changes in the marketplace. Utilizing scalable learning strategies will allow these organizations to generate the necessary innovations in products, services, business structure, and management hierarchies.

This Will Be the Most Innovative Decade in History

Many people are pessimistic about what the future holds, touting rhetoric of shortages and catastrophe, but the pace at which our technological innovation is headed there is nothing to worry about. The specialized knowledge and innovative breakthroughs that we are seeing on a daily basis is only the beginning. As we now move towards a collaborative style of innovation we are tackling all of the world’s problems and finding innovative solutions faster than ever before.

Top 50 Reasons Innovation Will Fail

I was eavesdropping on a conversation on one of my LinkedIn groups on the subject. All too often companies invest considerable time, cost and effort in ‘innovation’ without return. The CEO gets inspired by the idea of innovation, persuaded by an article, book, speaker, etc and suddenly there is budget to ‘do innovation’. All stops are pulled and things are go go. Only it doesn’t stick…

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