How Investors can Prepare for a Recession with Everything Money

The Absolutely Best Way to Innovate – Get Others Involved in the Process

Innovation in a business setting, unlike what is commonly thought of, should not be considered a Solo Sport, but rather a collaborative process involving others that is built upon an incrementalism of thoughts and ideas. Innovation is indeed a very important business skill- and one that can actually be learned. It is a core business muscle that can and should be part of any successful business core toolbox.

Keeping the Job On Schedule

This article discusses the subject of keeping a job on-schedule from the perspective of a project manager. It highlights a few of the ways in which projects can be implemented smoothly and efficiently, one of which being to utilize scheduling software and another being to work toward manageable Milestones.

Why Should Businesses Switch to VOIP Phone Systems?

Why businesses should be considering VoIP Systems rather that traditional phone systems. Benefits that include cost savings to advanced features and keeping up with the new, innovative technology.

Seek Creative Sparks From Unconventional Sources

Most organizations look for best practices inside their industry or their function (e.g. procurement). Market leaders look for best practices outside of these traditional places to find break thoughs.

Mind Mapping for SWOT Analysis

The results of a SWOT analysis are used to generate plans that capitalise on the strengths and weaknesses, exploit emerging opportunities and reduce the impact of threats. The Mind Map is a particularly useful tool to review this structured analysis because it can capture lots of information in a single space and allow you to see the connections between facts and information.

How Neuroscience Can Help You Overcome Stress and Be More Creative

Most of us working in a business environment have seen the results of stress: employees on edge, nervous tension, mistakes, maybe even poor health. The best leaders shield their people from undue stress and create an environment where there is enough motivation to get people performing, but never enough stress to impair their thinking. These leaders understand that, when somebody is under stress, they are unable to think properly, are less creative, and may fall back into ‘automatic responses’ rather than well-considered ones. Neuroscience is providing some useful information that backs this up and shows us how we can take the steps to reduce stress in the workplace…

Improve Your Customer Service With a Virtual Receptionist

In today’s competitive environment, providing superior customer service can give your business or medical practice an edge against your competition. When prospective clients have choices, the customer service they receive can often make the difference in their decision. One route that many companies are now taking to improve their customer service is implementing an automated virtual receptionist.

Finding Your Purpose: 5 Ways to Identify and Develop Your Niche

It is a common question that nearly every person has asked. What is my purpose? For some, the answer is quite simple. For others, it becomes an experimental quest that leads them from one job to the other.

THE INNOVATOR and Innovation Cueing

Charles Babbage (1791-1871) is known as the “grandfather” of the modern computer. He created machines for calculating called the “Difference Engines” and “Analytical Engines,” both precursors to the modern computer. These machines provided computational data by turning numbered wheels (numbered 0 to 9) and by manipulating studs placed into different locations that allowed the operator to enter a code or set of instructions.

Treadmill Desktops: A New Idea for the Work Place

The sedentary lifestyle is invariably leading us toward lifestyle diseases of which obesity is the worst. One of the newest ideas for combating these diseases is the innovative treadmill desktop. The treadmill desktop is great for staying fit at the office while accomplishing work at the same time. This article highlights the benefits of a treadmill desktop over sitting for extended periods.

From Irritation to Innovation

Elizabeth Holmes hates needles. To her, the idea of being poked by a needle and withdrawing blood is more than just unpleasant. When she knows that she has to give blood, she becomes consumed and overcome with the thought until it’s finally over. So instead, she founded a company and patented a new method of drawing and analyzing blood that requires just a few drops using a finger stick. That company is now worth $9 billion. Find out how she turned her irritation to innovation.

Intentionally Creating Problems Creates an Innovative Culture

Good managers are great at solving problems. Great managers create problems on purpose and spend little time solving them. This counterintuitive management style is what empowers leaders to drive innovation and create new revenue streams. This article outlines strategies to execute this method and examples of executives who have successfully created problems intentionally.

Raleigh-Cary Ranks No. 8 for Cities Creating Information Jobs

Raleigh-Cary, the seventh largest municipality in North Carolina is among the 25 best cities for jobs. Defined by such great quality of life, with low crime rate (having moved up in latest rankings of safe US cities and considered the third safest among municipalities with populations of 135,234 as of the 2010 census (an increase of 43.1% since 2000), making it the largest town and seventh largest municipality statewide), Raleigh-Cary does rank as one of America’s hottest job markets today.

5 Tips To Foster Innovation

How can you foster innovation in your company? Here are 5 tips for you, that could help you to stay ahead of the curve.

You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World – Culture By Design Discovered in Direct Sales

Culture by design is often touted as something that organizations wishing to evolve must struggle with. Often we look in the large organizations for this type of activity. But it can be found on a micro scale in the small direct sales businesses around us. What can we learn from this example of innovation?

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