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Are ATMs Really Taking Our Jobs?

Technology’s advance won’t be stopped. Does it represent disruptive opportunity or social evolution? Does it create or diminish jobs? The argument goes on. Read and decide for yourself.

The Giants Are Here

Big-box stores like Walmart and others are all over our country, and in some cases expanding rapidly. Others like Sears and Kmart are combining into even bigger companies. What is a small businessman to do with all this competition around? Read on and find out.

Voice of the Customer: Marketing and Engineering Working Together

Learn how to incorporate voice of the customer into your innovation processes. Tackle the issue of getting engineering, marketing, and legal working together to build innovation and intellectual property assets.

Why Do The Right Thing?

When I think of right action I cannot help but hear my Mothers voice telling me “you have to do the right thing Cheryl”. Although her voice has served me well in my ability to make good choices over the years, I understand this statement today to contain immense power, the power of the Law Of Attraction.

Univet Safety Glasses: Ultra-High-Performance Lenses Thanks to Special New Treatments

The lenses are the fundamental part of any piece of eye protection equipment and help to improve comfort and safety levels for the wearer. In addition to the wide range of lenses with different filters and treatments, Univet has also developed four special lenses, which are unique solutions ideal for eye protection in industrial environments.

Workplace Wellness Innovation: Overcoming the 8 Most Common Obstacles

If you’re going to try to focus on building a healthy organization or even broaden your scope of what wellness could be, you’re going to run into resistance. Welcome it. You’re not doing your job if you don’t feel push-back occasionally.

Overcoming the Fear of Innovation

I have written recently on how creativity is bred OUT of us, from when we are children, through to our adult, working life. The traditional education process translates into the working environment as one of avoidance of getting things wrong, rather than creating new things. This results in an over-riding atmosphere of fear rather than the openness that creative minds thrive on. So how do we start to overcome this? And how do organisations go about getting it higher on their agendas, and delivering better results?

Why Companies Should Invest in Online Training Courses

Today, in this competitive world, companies have realized the importance of upgrading the knowledge of their employees. So, they are now moving towards conducting training programs for their employees. Here, I have outlined some of the reasons why businesses should invest in online training courses.

How I Cooked My First Fish Soup: Secret Ingredients of Creativity

What is the secret of creativity? How do you come up with innovative solutions for your business or non-profit? Find out how you can advance your creative skills, while learning to cook the best fish soup.

Business Intelligence, The Key To Company Success

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge, so as to optimize the business decision-making process. Intelligence is the Key to Success. The key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is staying ahead of the competition. Making sound business decisions based on accurate and current information takes more than intuition. A Business Intelligence system thus becomes a determining factor for the success of the business.

The Risks of Creativity – And Why Your Brain Loves Taking Them!

Our comfort zones are sometimes the only place to be. When stressed or pulling our hair out over problems, mentally exhausted, or physically spent, the comfort zone is warm and inviting. But nobody ever created anything in their comfort zone. Innovation involves stepping outside and taking a walk into unchartered territory; hacking back the jungle and plotting a new path. It may mean danger resides along the way; it certainly means taking risks. Whichever metaphor you want to use, creativity is often stifled in schools and at work, where the “happy norm” is usually preferred over risk-taking…

Has the US Lost Its Innovation Edge?

In the midst of a recession, many corporations reduce headcount, including R&D. While this makes the enterprise more profitable, it weakens the US’ competitive edge. As more nations become developed, they are hungry to take the title of global innovator. Here are some of the hidden reasons we are losing the innovative edge and strategies to get us back on track.

Psychological Secrets to Creating an Innovative Modern Office

Creating a consistently innovative business is largely about company mindset. Products come and go as well as companies. However the more prolific companies have traded product stability for innovation. Using physical as well as psychological tools in the modern office is another way to enhance the innovative process. Without innovation, most companies die. Are you dead yet?

Technological Companies Will Survive, by Innovating and Expanding Across Borders

Over time, management teams of most organizations have understood that the key to survival is standing out from the competition. The main elements to pursue in order to reach this goal are innovation and multinational presence.

Mission Belts – Shark Tank

Mission Belts are a cool new business that came from a man’s idea to change the belt industry as well as end world hunger with the cost of the belts. These belts have become one of the most successful businesses on Shark Tank and are a great example of American innovation.

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