Inflation Rising… Consumer is Spooked – Where to Invest Now?

A Wine Legend Leaves Us

Mr. James Barrett was the creator of the Charddonay, 1973 vintage, that won the Paris Tasting in 1976 that put California wines on the map. On March 14th he passed away but leaves a legacy in the wine industry that is still to be marvelled.

3 Low Cost Tips to Positively Profit at Work

How do you positively guarantee profits at work? Dr. Joey Faucette, coach, speaker, & best-selling author offers “3 Low Cost Tips to Positively Profit at Work.”

The Mobile Monster

Smartphones and tablets have changed the game in the business world. The consumer’s expectations of accessibility and connection to product and services online are through the roof. Everything must work on every device and every browser or you are going to lose customers. This challenge is no bigger than in the e-learning world where the industry standard for the past decade plus has gone by the wayside due to the mobile market. Flash is not only an animation tool, but also a programming and development tool that has been improved and developed by thousands of users over a significant period of time. In no time at all it has been removed from the mobile marketplace.

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies

  New companies are not burdened with bureaucracy that keeps bigger companies from adopting innovative ideas and a process. By developing a good culture and framework for innovation from the beginning people can ensure that their company is competitive independent of how new they are. Using the collaborative approach of all employees, mentors, consultants and even its competitors, new companies can spark the creative process to lead to game changing innovations from themselves and their industry.

What Makes Samsung Such an Innovative Company?

  There are many paths to innovation that a company can take and Samsung seems to have found one that works. When they were just getting into the mobile market many of their competitors and critics accused them of copying and building on the innovations of others. While they may have started off in this ‘follow the leader’ direction the innovations and advancements that they have made recently have propelled them to the forefront of mobile technology.

Data Analytics

Various businesses are investing in data analytics because it has already proven its necessity in the world of trade. It doesn’t matter if it’s about buying or selling goods or services, the business world is intertwined with data analytics.

How to Deal With the Top 5 Creativity Roadblocks

The creative and innovative spirit is the backbone of any company, whether brand new or decades old, that is looking to make an impact in the current global economy. Whether it is the products, processes, or customer service, having a good innovative and creative process will give you the ability of creating a solution to any problem that you may find yourself in. But there are a few things that can get in the road of these seemingly magical processes.

Top 5 Companies for Open Innovation of 2013

Open innovation is a concept that was developed by Henry Chesborough and this is his definition: “Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively.” Basically this is a synergetic way for companies to share their once guarded ideas with organizations and individuals outside the company to accelerate the innovation process.

Key Issues in Innovation Management

    Business is moving at a dizzying pace and being able to innovate effectively and quickly is a high priority for all companies. But what are the key innovation management issues that are facing all of the businesses at the moment? There are four key issues regarding innovation which include: specialization of innovation system, business model innovation, co-creation through social and mobile, and building an innovative culture.

Are You an Innovation Sucker or Winner?

    With the recent global economic troubles companies are watching what they spend their time and money on in an attempt to balance the budget and sustain business. With innovation being one of the hardest things for a company to quantify in dollars against the bottom line, it may be one of the first things that they cut from the budget. Having a strong innovation process is one way that a company can retain the innovation while having a handle on the cost versus benefit, but most companies don’t know how to accomplish…

Small Innovations: 7 Key Areas

  There are 7 areas that can be innovated on, with even small innovations, that will cause large systemic changes in your company. Most people and companies focus on too large of a problem and this can seem overwhelming, leading to an inefficient attempt to find a sweeping solution. Focusing on 7 key areas and innovating often will provide your company with consistent growth that will translate into more profit through a competitive advantage.

How To Start a Business Online: 5 Easy Yet Effective Steps to Be On The Right Path!

How to start a business online with a hundred percent success rate? All you need to do is to just follow the simple steps and you’re good to go. And don’t forget to find your intended target market first, for you to become successful in your chosen field of online business.

Three Reasons Why Innovation Development Is Essential

If you closely observe TV commercials and the products being advertised, you will notice one thing in common – every product is ‘new and improved’. The reason why all products are constantly revamped and upgraded is because the competition in the market is tough. There are many producers of any given product, and to make sure that you stand out, you have to give your clients/ customers something better and innovative!

Can Yahoo! Again Become An Innovative Environment?

I examine the possible impact of the Yahoo! decision to curtail telecommuting. This situation is seen as a flexible workforce experiment in the area of innovation.

VoIP: A Cheaper Communication Option

More and more businesses are shifting from the traditional voice calls services to the more advanced VOIP service. Just what is it with VOIP that telecommunication companies cannot match?

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