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Innovation – Easier Said Than Done

It is true that information technology-based innovation may not directly generate new widget factories in a neighborhood near you. But companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter constantly innovate as a result of their culture – because they plant the seeds of ingenuity – which is the foundation for many more American revolutions.

Three Innovation Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Companies tend to make a lot of mistakes that stall innovation. Here’s three of the worst, and how to avoid them.

How Is Data Capture Used Effectively in 2013?

Data capture is still a misunderstood method of effectively capturing data. In fact once a lot of people fully understand exactly what it is it, what it does and how effective capture can be, they have been known to use it on a regular basis. Here’s a few ways in which organisations are using data capture to their advantage in 2013 and how you could too.

How To Avoid The One Hit Wonder Trap

At some point, even high performers fall into what is called a rut. A rut is merely a lack of a new vision. Those who get stuck in a comfort zone cease to be relevant. However, there is a way out. And it is more than Nike’s slogan ‘just do it’.

Pushing The Bar Higher By Being Innovative

Everybody can be creative but it will depend on you how and where you will apply it. There will be situations that will require you to be just that and even unexpectedly, your creativeness will come out. This usually happens when there is pressure on you; you are forced to think of instant solutions to remedy a problem.

A New Playing Field

Determining if a Virtual Assistant is right for you and your organization can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Many have no idea where to start when they are assessing their administrative needs. Much different than having an assistant in-house, you may never meet your Virtual Assistant face-to-face. Your assistant may even live in another state or country. The advantages of hiring a remove assistant have grown and now there’s no better time to make the move.

Using Twitter’s Vine App for Business

The newest trend to hit social media is the Twitter app “Vine.” These quirky 6 second videos may be a revolutionary new way to reach audiences.

How to Fix a Wobbly Table

There are plenty of short term solutions for the wobbly table problem, but what about the long term? Stabilising and aligning tables presents a significant problem for those working in the hospitality industry, affecting their profitability, customer service and reputation.

Avoiding The Pitfalls of Beginning Inventors

If you have a great idea for a new product and you are considering filing for a U S Patent, there are a myriad of considerations to be aware of before you spend your cash. There are myths, misconceptions and mistakes to be aware of before embarking on the road to getting a patent for your idea.

Processing Aircraft Aluminium With the Chemical Etching Process

Aluminium is the third most abundant chemical element in the earth’s crust. It is rarely found in its native state but is found combined in over 270 different materials, the most common being bauxite. In the modern era the term aluminium is more likely to refer to a vast range of aluminium alloys where its presence brings a combination of light weight and corrosion resistance.

Chemical Etching Magnesium Alloys for Medical Applications

An accelerating trend in the medical implants field is to replace the use of titanium, cobalt and stainless steel materials with biodegradable, bioabsorbable materials. While the former materials require that the implants stay within the body permanently, the latter only requires that the implant remain in the body temporarily.

6 Ways to Innovate Social Innovation

Social innovators want to change the world, but the current state of social innovation is in need of an overhaul. Here’s 6 ways to innovate social innovation.

Demand Response Can Provide Additional Energy Revenue for Participating Corporations

Demand Response programs have become an important part of energy planning. Rather than build additional power plants or impose rolling blackouts just to satisfy peak times of extreme grid shortages, power companies are adopting Demand Response programs. DR allows electric grid operators to reduce system stress during rare emergency peak events. The large user gets rewarded significantly to stand ready to reduce a pre-determined amount of electricity.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Virtual Administration Service?

All businesses require administration processes to be completed whatever the size, however due to technological advances, innovation and the economic downturn, many businesses are seeking more cost effective and efficient ways of concluding their business administration processes. This article will outline the advantages of using a virtual administration service.

Chemical Etching of Surgical Saw Blades

Medical designers have devised many different saw blades, both unpowered and powered reciprocating, oscillating and sagittal types, for surgical procedures. Each one is designed to provide precise, accurate and measurable cuts.

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