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Creativity And Innovation Are Indispensable Ingredients In Human Development Strategies

The creativity and the innovation are indispensable vital ingredients required in the sustainable growth of both business development and management companies. As a direct consequence of the speedy globalization of every facet of the affairs relevant to the economic and business development, creativity and innovation have been identified as two most powerful tools in resolving negative issues that might affect business development and management companies in existence world wide. On flash back to the origin of human race since the era of hunter gatherers, creativity and innovation inherent in human…

Motivating Teams in the Human Resource Environment

In this day and age of high unemployment following the economic downturn, the market is constantly seeing an ever increasing number of job applicants signing up into recruitment agencies. This has meant a workload has been heaped upon the human resource recruitment team. Business development and management sectors need to engage further with their recruiting team, as doing so will motivate a HR environment with positive results.

Creating an Innovative Culture: Top 4 Ideas to Drive Innovation Through HR

There’s a buzz around all sorts of organizations touting the benefits of an innovative culture of late. With organizations like Google, Apple, and Facebook, consistently in the headlines, and at business development seminars being promoted as creating an innovative culture, what are they doing that you’re not? In this article I will show you the Top 4 innovative ideas for HR that are instrumental in creating an innovation culture.

Personalized Wristbands Are a Popular Utility for Event Management

You could have pointed out that over roughly the last eight years there’s been a rise in the buzz regarding personalized wristbands. You can use them for a great deal of functions for numerous market sectors to reduce costs of function planning throughout the world. Personalised wristbands are already utilized to bring help regarding diseases, racism & the environment. They’ve had a massive influence in many different places for quite a while and have altered the methods charitable groups & causes market themselves for the larger community.

HR – Innovative Ideas for Organizational Innovation Strategy

No matter the size of your company your human resources department has to do more with less these days. That’s why coming up with HR innovative ideas can save an organizational time, money, and headaches. Whether your company has growing pains, or is in the process of contracting, innovative ideas for organizational innovation strategy could be the solution.

Why 2013 Will Be the Year of the Smartphone

2013 is set to be the year of the Smartphone. With global sales predicted to reach 1 billion annually for the first time this year businesses need to consider what they are doing to capitalize on the rise of this technology.

The Gun Control Debate – An Innovative Solution

For several years we’ve heard debates about gun control that range from living in the Wild Wild West to Billy clubs and Bobbies.  The posturing continues with “Guns don’t kill people… people kill people”; while pontificators declare that the lack of gun education is the issue.

Neuroscience, Creativity And Brainstorming

Most businesses regard creativity and innovation as an important part of their future. However, as neuroscience uncovers new understandings of how the brain works, many of the methods we traditionally use to promote creativity are not effective as previously thought. In fact Bill Duggan, a Columbia professor, believes that the findings of neuroscience in the last ten years, which prove that many of the old methods are flawed, are not being applied in the workplace at all. This article takes a deeper look at creativity and brainstorming in the modern workplace.

Innovation and Manufacturing – Proximity Is Paramount Even With CAD CAM Internet Technology

Perhaps you have heard that GE and other major companies want to build an “Industrial Internet” which would allow secure transmissions with incredible bandwidth. This would enable the designers, innovators, and factories to collaborate in real time with huge files and lots data. Not only great for design but also for the animation and movie sectors, or the future of 3-D printing, holographic imagery, and a host of new technologies coming online now.

EPOS – A Time Saving System for Businesses

Time is money in business, so it’s important to take every step you can to save time. With an EPOS system you’ll save time in so many ways.

Beneficial Tools for Your Start Up

Part of owning a small business or start up is to continually look for ways to improve upon it. Financial needs, marketing, networking, and more are all vital to helping the small business grow. In order to be a success, an entrepreneur must be able to handle all of these things and more.

Everyday Devices That Wouldn’t Be Here Without the Field of Photonics

The technology of today is a far cry from ten, twenty, fifty years ago, and we owe most of it to the advent of photonics. Here are a few technologies that we enjoy today, that photonics brought about.

Your Must-Have Checklist for R and D Tax Refunds

R&D Tax Credits often go under-claimed and incorrectly claimed. Relying on an accountant who does just a few studies per year is going to result in lost savings and potential exposure. Likewise, filling in the blanks and coasting along on previous year’s template will also lose you more money than you save.

7 Sure Ways to Become Creative and Rise to the Top of Your Field

To succeed in business or get to the top of your career, or be a great leader – creativity is the one element you require more than anything else. These are 7 sure ways to become creative and rise to the top of your field.

The Impossible Innovation and Pure Research Considered

As a free-market capitalist, over the years I’ve been rather miffed at some of the incredible expenditures of taxpayer dollars, and even tax credits going towards alternative energy. You see, I don’t mind spending money on pure research, I know that to be a valuable contribution to the future of this great nation, and to mankind overall. I’m all for it, and I know we get more bang for our buck, and it is an excellent investment in the future. What I’m not too keen on is investing in companies doing the production, or subsidizing entire industries. I know this to be a mistake.

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