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Brand Story and Unification

A business archetype could be everything to a business. These brand archetypes help a business define their message and attract like-minded customers who are good for the business. Therefore, it is smart for business to decide what kind of business archetype they are going to use as soon as possible.

The Business World Needs More ‘Olympic’ Visionaries

This year at the London Olympics we witnessed athletes who were so hardworking, dedicated, and driven that they shifted the ground on which their sports stood. And in its own type of game-changing Olympic spirit, visionary leaders in the business world continue to show that same kind of dedication, drive, and pioneering bent as these athletes.

Terrific Innovative Ideas for the Office to Promote Productivity

Are you looking to create a more productive work environment? Every office manager is certainly looking for ways to shake things up and create a better atmosphere that leads to higher rates of production and more enjoyment in the work place. However, shaking things up without a definite plan can do far more harm that good.

The International Space Race – Well, It’s Been Going On a While Now

Many folks are somewhat surprised at the rapid advancements of China’s space program, but really no one should be surprised, after all they built the first firecrackers, rockets, and Yo Yo’s. They’ve been sending things skyward and back down for over a thousand years. In 1987 they had three launch sites for their Long March booster rocket configurations. After that they’ve been sending up satellites and all sorts of things into space ever since. Some of their satellites had been up there so long they became obsolete so they shot one down – that’s some pretty accurate target practice isn’t it?

Should I Build a Local or National Business?

The answer to whether a person should build a local or national business depends on that person situation. If a person can open a local business with low overhead, they will tend to do better as far as learning what they need to learn to run a successful business. A national company (most of the time) will tend to bleed a person dry of their money before it becomes profitable.

Are You Talking Your Way Out of Innovation?

People in your organization are killing innovation without even knowing it. Find out how, and what you can do about it.

Innovation Management Ideas – A Key to Success in the Globalised World

To be successful in any business, in the globalised competitive economy, innovation is the key. Innovation is important not only for success, but also for survival of any organisation. Today, businesses cannot survive without robust innovation management techniques.

How to Manage an Innovation Process

  Innovation is a process and not a destination and so it is important that you should have an idea on how to go about managing innovation process. This will ensure that the process does not fail along the way before it gets to its maturity. Understanding management innovations that have been used in the past will give you an idea on how to go about managing the present and the future innovations.

Are 20-Year Industry Road Maps A Silly Waste of Time?

As the founder of a think tank which happens to operate online, I spend a tremendous amount of time listening to all of the relevant players in every industry talk about the future, the trends, and where they see this sector going. Still, as a studier of history I also look at the 20-year road maps which were produced 20-years ago in the same industries because I want to know what people were thinking then, and which trends they identified then which are still viable today. The answer is not many.

Imagining a New Technology Creating a New Industry While Changing All the Others in the Process

The other day, I sat down with a bunch of members from our think tank I asked them to imagine a new technology which would revolutionize the way we do things in society. The criteria would be a new technology which changed all other industries, even creating its own in the process. You might think this is a very tall order, and it’s hard to imagine something like this especially if we have no basis for it, in other words it doesn’t exist so how could you imagine it? Simple, let me explain.

Innovative HR Ideas Will Help Your Company Stand Out

Human resources are the back bone of any company and a huge part of their responsibilities are to keep employees happy and motivated, maintain happy clientele and keep your business running fluidly. It can be difficult to do but with the right management team, innovative techniques and strategies, any human resource department can be the company’s best investment. Employees in this day and age are assets to the economy and much more likely to seek out attractive positions.

Speeding Up Success With File Sharing

File sharing can greatly enhance the speed of any business and its ability to achieve goals at a quick speed. Therefore, every business should try to find one of these services as soon as possible because it will help them build their business much faster.

What Does Determine the Innovations of a Human Resources Department?

Let’s have a look at the HR department in the mid-size company. Which knowledge should the employees have?

Effective Gated Development – Approach Decision Meetings, Seize Opportunity and Reward Execution

Stage and Gate Development is designed to improve the way an organisation collectively thinks about its value proposition and advance its ability to develop profitable new projects. Whichever collection of terms you use to describe your idea-to-launch process (i.e. phase and decision based development gates), the promise of periodic project reviews is clear – ensure that scarce resources are allocated only to initiatives that provide value to the organisation and redirect, or kill, those that are in trouble.

Innovative Corporate Culture in Post Modern Age

The structure of innovative corporate culture should be rooted in new methods that are suited in a post- modern world. Generation Y and Millennials are the new workforce of the twenty-first century and for employers to recruit the best and brightest, there are some things that need to change in corporate culture. The definition of culture is an idea, perception and values that a certain society or group shares.

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