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Tips To Choose a High Voltage Installation Professional

High voltage installation is a difficult procedure. There are various organizations that host engineers who have many years of experience in this field. The professionals know exactly how to perform these activities.

Innovation for Your Business

Disruptive innovation is term created by Clayton Christensen- a new invention or product that alters its market. It typically refers to technological advances that result in changes on the macro-scale, such as the digital camera that left Kodak’s traditional film cameras in the dust or the mass-produced automobile that completed revolutionized the transportation industry. With each innovation, there is risk taken on by the company and disruption faced by the users.

Alternatives to Innovation?

Not surprisingly, I am a proponent of innovation as a way for organisations to grow and achieve their corporate goals and objectives – whatever they may in themselves be. However, there are other strategic options which organisations believe that they can adopt to grow their revenue or profit streams. It is worth restating that, without some growth strategies, revenue streams will fall over time – not stay constant as business managers would like to believe, but fall. This post looks at these other ways and comments on the appropriateness of each.

Electrical Protection Saves Money

Electrical protection equipment is a money saver in many industries. Today, industrial applications and production facilities are able to benefit from new technologies in electrical protection throughout many industries.

What Is an Innovation Strategy?

This article looks at innovation strategies and why they are important. When undertaking innovation, all too often companies get their people together and tell them that they are going to be innovative. What they often fail to do is to give their people guidance as to what areas they wish to be innovative in, and how this relates to their corporate strategy. Without such a strategy, and without copious amounts of luck, their innovation desires fail.

Innovation Leadership

In another article, I outlined the corporate perspective of innovation and leadership through published survey results. From these surveys, it is clear that innovation is important to top-management and the leadership team. I have also outlined my view as to what leadership is.

Barriers to Innovation

We all recognise the need to innovate – as they say, innovate or die – well, at the very least, if you do not innovate, others will surely be doing so, and so you will stagnate. However, all to often, barriers to innovation occur. This article looks at some of these barriers and how they might be overcome.

Leadership and Innovation, Why Does It Matter?

There is no doubt that a company which has a visionary, or innovative leader is more likely to fulfil its innovation dreams than one which does not. Furthermore, a leader too concerned with innovation is likely to result in a rudderless company. So what is the ideal situation? Why does it matter?

10 Top Creativity Tools

There is considerable debate about whether managers and staff in organisations can be creative given the constraints of the workplace. Personally, I think that there are enough different ways to be creative that the question is not whether they can be creative, but more one of how they can be creative, and is their creativity appreciated by senior management. It is often said that when staff are thinking (often staring into space or out of the window), the appearance is that they are not working. Again, this old-fashioned view should be expunged immediately. Appearances can be deceptive! Here are 10 creativity tools which can be used – note the heading is not Top 10 Creativity Tools, merely 10 Creativity Tools

Innovation Audits

Whilst it is generally recognised that innovation is important and enhances shareholder value, what is less well understood is how to become more innovative. Innovation audits review current practices enabling the consultant to advise on alternative and additional measures and techniques that companies can adopt to improve and maximise their innovation capabilities.

Leaders Allowing Employees to Break Rules for Creativity

Leaders of creative and innovative businesses and organizations always have rules put in place. They know that employees will over-step these rules in order to generate great ideas, create and produce them for breakthrough results. By doing so, leaders have some control of their employees and the work they do.

What Are the Four Innovation Drivers?

It must be agreed that few markets are stable and unchanging, resulting in the need for new and revised products, services and processes. So, what creates the need for innovation? This post identifies the four innovation drivers.

Definitions of Innovation?

This short article looks at what innovation is. Like many things, it has a different meaning to different people, businesses and markets. Indeed, the following example definitions demonstrate just how difficult it is to describe innovation. So, what is innovation?

The Necessity of Prototyping in New Product Development

Prototyping is a major step in new product development. It is a necessary step in reducing time and money spent in the product development process.

Creative Versus Competitive

One of the most amazing things I have learned since helping business people over many years, is that competition with other businesses, is sometimes the start of a race to the bottom. What do I mean by that? Well if you are always checking what price others are charging, your only weapon is price and if you are competing on price, there are not many occasions that putting the price up will encourage sales.

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