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Coloring Outside the Lines of Your Leadership

For many, being creative and innovative is the natural thing to do. For others, being a non-traditionalist is how you perform and get your work done. For the majority of the population, doing things the same way everyone else basically does gets things done is either boring or is frustrating because you cannot break out of that mold.

Creativity and Innovation – The Myth of the Lightning Bolt

People seem to have the idea that creativity & innovation can many times be the insight that we seemingly receive from nowhere. We see the image of Archimedes in the bathtub, and think that we can have that same experience. And at times we may experience that lightning bolt.

Community Directory Success – How to Unleash the Power of Your Community Using a Resource Directory

You never know the effect that your content is going to have on others – whether its video, audio, books, or another media. Even something that you think is horrible, might speak to someone and you never know the difference that you can make in their lives.

Purposeful Networks for Unstoppable Growth

There is an epidemic. Company after company, industry after industry are catching potentially life threatening diseases. Commodity price wars, shortage of talent, loss of relevance, low productivity and staff engagement, overwhelm of daily activities, short term focus, and, of course, insanity – doing the same things and expecting different results – to name just a few symptoms.

Can I Print T-Shirts Using Dye Sublimation Printing?

Question: For T-shirts, is it mandatory to use polyester T-shirts/fabric with dye sublimation printing? Answer: There has been a lot of experimentation with various natural fibers and mixed natural fibers (like the 50/50 cotton tee), and for the most part, it is best, when using true dye sublimation printing on fabric, to use polyester fabrics. Some have reported success with the 50/50 cotton tees, but most prefer to use available digital printers that have the proper inks for adhering to cotton, or screen-print inks which are also formulated for cotton or 50/50 t-shirts.

Why You Should Layer Your Business

If we are entrepreneurs and are in business we all want to run a successful business and one of the major obstacles to that happening is the competition taking our idea and creating their own version of it and so depleting us of customers. This is a very real threat, and it happens over the most basic commodities. You have a taxi or a mobile ice cream parlor in a successful patch and the next thing you know ten others have suddenly sprung up. In my local area the $1 shop went bust when literally across the street the 99 cent shop opened up. Hmm – so much for customer loyalty. But aren’t I a professional, providing professional services, and isn’t it different there – more relationship driven? Well, it’s different, but the customer still wants the best deal, and wants it yesterday, so taking client loyalty for granted is a huge mistake. If we are going to have a sustainable business we need to create something special, and that is where my concept of “layering” comes in. I say my concept – that is what I call it; perhaps somewhere else it has a more technical name.

What Happens On A Project When Details Are Not Constantly Updated?

The end of the month can be a stressful time for businesses with the rush to issue invoices for payment. This can drastically exacerbated if all the details of transactions are not readily available for processing. With the use of the new software systems now available all the details of the month’s work will be up-to-date, accurate and readily available, saving time and money.

Innovation Is Not Just About Research and Development

When it comes to solving challenges and forming the strategies that will increase market share and profit or reduce costs and employee turnover, innovation is the key. Many people think that innovation is just a function of research and development, but in truth an innovation process can be used to solve any problem in any aspect of the business. It is unreasonable to expect that all of the innovations will be home-runs but continually iteration and innovations will move your company forward faster and with fewer resources than anything else.

When the Innovation Well Runs Dry

Many large companies have been innovating for years with great success by not only creating and launching new products, but creating new product categories. The problem is that for a lot of these larger companies they have been responding to the difficult economic times by reducing the amount that they spend on innovation, which is resulting in far less meaningful innovations. Relying on any business strategy without innovating on the possible negative outcomes is a dangerous process that many large companies tend to make if they get complacent.

What If You Could Innovate Productively?

Who wouldn’t like to swap places with Apple or IDEO? These companies have for nearly a decade consistently topped the list of 50 world’s most innovative companies, despite the radical change in the business landscape, that has seen social web upstarts soar to the top.

Software That Will Give You Confidence, Knowing Your Business Is Fully Organized

Things are changing in the business world with the drive to become more efficient and less labour-intensive. There is software available now that will integrate with your accounting system and keep all your financial transactions under accurate control. The amazing part is, that these systems are easy to use and will significantly reduce expenses.

Six Sigma and Healthcare: A Case Study

Six Sigma is a set of principles used to improve business practices to reduce the number of defects or undesirable events within an organization. Undesirable events lead to poor customer service and smaller profits. Companies that want to retain customers, possess a competitive advantage, and remain profitable will implement Six Sigma principles in an effort to maintain a certain standard.

Investing in Solar Power Energy

Solar energy is the power of the sun; our life force; so all-encompassing and essential to our survival that our ancestors worshipped it as a deity, and without it, life as we know it would not exist. According to the US Department of Energy ‘The amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth each hour is equivalent to the amount of energy used by humans worldwide each year’.

Are You Still Invoicing The Old Way And Wasting Time?

The business world is still in a state of siege with the global economy still struggling and the future outlook dubious. There is no room for inefficiency and wastage in today’s business climate and companies are discovering that the automation of their invoicing process is helping them become more efficient and accurate leading to a reduction in costs.

How To Avoid The Month End Stress And Save Time And Money

The end of every month becomes a critical time for most businesses. It is not only the time to pay the accounts payable, but this is also the time when invoices are tendered for payment by debtors. The use of an efficient business management software system to track all company transactions, issue invoices and pay accounts can go a long way toward relieving that end-of-month stress.

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