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Applying Motivation And Innovation In Your Business

Have you ever heard of the phrase paralysis by analysis? This phrase is usually given to people that over think processes in which they ultimately do not act at all. There are times where a simple solution is in order and a person or business may add numerous solutions looking for the “perfect” answer.

Conquering Challenges, Solving Solutions, and Pragmatically Punching Out Problems

As the coordinator for a think tank, one which happens to operate online, I get to spend a good chunk of my day attempting to solve problems and find solutions to some of the most serious challenges of humankind. It’s fun, exciting and yet, philosophically there is a lot more to it than you might ever imagine. When computer programmers design software decision matrix programs they work to break the problem down into its common elements then use a logic tree to come to the best answer.

Dynamic Positioning From A to Z – Part I

A lot of people ask “What is Dynamic Positioning?”, “How does it work”, “How can I obtain such a certificate?” etc. The issue about the Dynamic Positioning system and courses is not as simple as it seems. The Dynamic Positioning is an on board computer-controlled system, found on certain types of vessels and used to control and maintain the vessel’s position. In order to calculate and maintain the vessel’s position, the DP uses its own propellers and thrusters. By combining the position reference sensors, wind sensors, motion sensors and gyro compasses, the system provides information to the computer and applies to the vessel’s position and the magnitude and direction of environmental forces affecting its position.

Breakthrough Innovations Do Not Follow Trend Line Computational Mathematical Derivatives

There are two types of innovations the way I see it. But before I begin my comments here today, you must understand I am coming from an entrepreneurial perspective. As I watch the various industries I’ve been involved with, I see lots of incremental changes. In fact, I’ve said this before; you can read three-month’s worth of trade journals in any industry and you really don’t need to go back and look at them again for another couple of years. Simply because nothing will have changed, that is to say; nothing significant.

Generating Innovations in HR

Every company has that top level employee that seems to be a rainmaker. They cannot do anything wrong and the company that if it’s immensely because of their actions. A competitor may also know about this rainmaker and look for ways in which they can recruit them.

Business Leverage Through Digital Infrastructure

Most modern business entities are dependent on digital technology to some varying degrees. Using digital technology provides significant leverage for these businesses.

Innovation and Innovative Capacity Is Essential for Success

Innovation is essential to making your company successful. Without innovation, starting a company is like reinventing the proverbial wheel – you will be doing the same things that made other companies successful, without actually bringing anything new to the table. If someone has already established that a concept is successful, what could possibly make anyone choose your company?

Human Resources and Innovation

Human resources, shortly called HR, are the people that altogether build up a business industry or economy. These people that are the pillars of some organization or industry are the main assets of the respective organization or industry. Without them, the organization wouldn’t survive.

Socio Economic Theory – Big Government, Socialism, and Innovation

Not long ago, I was discussing socio-economic theory and how that determined the innovative ability of a nation. In considering all this I noted that; Well, it appears to me that throughout history those cultures which allowed free thought and fewer restrictions or had more people with free time on their hands to think tended to get the best innovative spurts. In some regards one could note that the Geological Society of Europe came up with some dynamic stuff, and I suppose it was due to so many noble men with resources to spend time thinking.

Go Backwards When Your Continuous Improvements Dry Up

When your continuous improvement activities are starting to stall then it might be time to perform a ‘reverse brainstorm.’ If you can get a team together, then you can make this approach work.

Stuck for Business Improvement Ideas? Use a Role Model

If your team can’t think of any more ideas to improve your business, reflecting upon a ‘role model’ can often help to get a new perspective. This article shares a simple method that any business can follow.

What Are The Best Ways To Implement Open Innovation Strategy To Your Business?

In the not too distant past, company executives would get together and dream of a day when they could achieve success by leveraging a brain trust both within the company and using outside sources. This group would increasingly become reliable and efficient with regards to developing products to bring to the marketplace. Did these leaders of yesterday’s company envisioned a perfect world were open innovation strategy is the standard for business success?

Overcoming Barriers to Creativity and Innovation for Organization Growth and Improvement

  There comes a time in any organization that change becomes detrimental to the survival of the company. An organization that does not or will not consider change is destined to failure and eventually will cease to exist. Barriers to creativity and innovation must be identified and a creative innovation implementation plan set in place.

Innovation Taskforces – The Key To Industrial Innovation

  When it comes to success in the business world, there are a few key factors that you need to take into account. Without doing this, you may experience short term success, but you will not have a long lasting, profitable business. What are they?

The Basics of a Mobile Point of Sale System

This article is intended to help those looking to add mobile POS to their retail or restaurant operations. It will discuss some of the benefits of Mobile POS. It will help you consider how to choose someone to help you install mobile point of sale systems.

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