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Becoming an Influencer: Obtaining Fulfillment Through Team Behavior

It all comes down to the big question-what is the meaning of life? In an attempt to extract the most possible value from this question, and apply it to the marketplace in our modern world, I ask this question instead: what gives your life meaning?

3 Reasons to Automate Business Processes in Your Organization

Since the days of the automaton, workers have been searching for ways to automate the manual business processes that steal time from more important jobs. Communicating with colleagues, manipulating spreadsheets, entering customer information into a CRM… these are all examples of time-consuming manual processes that can be done better and faster by someone (or something) other than you (no offense).

How To Secure An Ideal Serviced Office For Your Business

Rent serviced offices to demonstrate professionalism in your business. For startup companies, they find these office solutions very practical.

The Prices of Access Flooring: Affordable Server Room Solutions

By now you have most likely heard about access floors and how valuable they are. Do you however know what the prices of access flooring and affordable server room solutions are? Well, stick around and you will get an idea.

The Evolution Of Fax And Business

Ever wondered about the evolution of fax and business? How they became so mutually inclusive? Well, there is definitely a certain pattern when it comes to fax and business, but in order to understand where it all started and how it all started, you need to make sure that you understand the history of the fax itself and how crucial it has been to communications as a whole.

The Integrated Enterprise – Are We Ready?

New information management strategies and technologies enable today’s industrial enterprises to create a system of continuous improvement and growth. By integrating production and business data to identify risks and opportunities, forward-thinking enterprises are out-pacing the competition.

The Seasons of Innovation in the Workplace

Innovation is one of the most-prized qualities for any organisation. It is what keeps a business at the head of its field, keeps its products and services relevant, and keep employees motivated. But how do leaders go about growing innovation in the workplace? How can they inspire it among their teams? ‘Grow’ is a good word to use because, in many ways the process of creativity is a natural one, much like the process of changing seasons, and agricultural cycles…

Nobody Told Me It Would Be Like This: Managing Change to Achieve More

However, what is rarely discussed is the process of the needed change necessary to position ourselves to hone our passions and monetize them. Early on, I wish I could have had a traveling companion who was familiar with the terrain, pointing to the signposts of change along the journey to success! I would have braced myself better for the bumps and sharp turns! There are many recurring themes as you stretch into uncomfortable arenas but I’ll name two—frustration and fear. Let’s discuss them and I’ll share tips on how to manage them.

The Very Serious Business Of Fun

How much fun do you have in your business? How much fun are you having creating your business? For too many of us fun and business are mutually exclusive.

Improving Quality Of Wastewater Through Treatment Processes

Wastewater treatment is carried out for improving the quality of wastewater. It helps achieve the standards and expectations that have been set for the waste matter quality. Such treatments are designed towards achieving improvement not only in the quality of the wastewater, but also in protecting the environment.

Danger! Cloud Crossing Ahead!

Business model transformation is one of the most disruptive changes a business can face and it isn’t pretty. As often is the case in disruption, those companies with the most invested in the old model have the most to lose since making the shift will cannibalize their existing business. But if they don’t make the shift, their competition will cannibalize their business for them.

Are POS Systems Really Worth The Investment?

POS Systems Can Open Up A Whole New World For Small Business Owners. A Look At The Investment Compared To The Return.

Business Management: Relevance – The Key to Avoiding Obsolescence

When it comes to business survival and growth, remaining on top of current trends is essential. In order to appeal to customers and win their business, your products or services need to be seen to be relevant in an ever evolving marketplace. With trends and technology always on the move, staying relevant can be tricky and requires an ongoing process of re-evaluation and repositioning.

What Stops People From Creating New Possibilities?

In many cases, innovation is the result of questioning reality. Once we believe reality will always be the way it is, we are stuck. The innovator’s dilemma is convincing mainstream that a new reality is possible. This article outlines the true cause for why people get stuck in status quo and tactics for introducing new possibilities.

The Secondary Ticketing Fortune

Secondary Ticketing Secondary ticketing, the practice many favor to call ticket scalping, is hardly new. According to Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal; SKA Management CEO and Founder, says “the ticket resale was already profitable in the Roman Empire and tickets were regularly resold or bartered for a better view of the emperor”. These days, 2000 years later, the secondary ticket market is valued at nearly $4 billion annually.

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