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Why Is Social Networking Such a Big Deal for Business

Along with family, friends and colleagues influence the decisions that we make on a daily basis. Access was a function of distance and location but that has changed.

Organizational Communication From the Family to the Rest of Us

To be in a position to influence people and to predict what will attract people in the future, look toward the family. A concentration of learning takes place inside the home.

Types of Wall Posters That Can Boost Business Among Restaurants and Bars

When it comes to getting customers return to a bar or a restaurant, the ambiance should compliment what you are portraying to your market. Whether you want a classy or a vibrant restaurant, you want to get your message across. With the help of wall posters, it is possible to decorate the establishment according to the owner’s vision.

Digital Disruption of TV

This article examines the prospects of the disruption of the television content and distribution industry. It draws relevant lessons from other disrupted industries (advertising, music, newspaper) to frame possible outcomes. The migration factors against a painful and swift disruptive process are subsequently analyzed.

How New Technology Has Eliminated The Need For Paper

Throughout the years, a lot of businesses and companies have been active in reducing their paper usage. With the advancements in technology such as the availability of invoicing software, businesses that are eager to reduce their dependency on paper, now have the chance to utilize these innovations.

Finding an Innovation Strategy That Works

Finding an innovation strategy can be one of the most difficult decisions as there are so many options to choose from. While there is not a defined process for implementing or developing an innovation process that works for your unique situation there are a few things that you can keep in mind to make it easier. There are three main areas that you can focus on to spur on your innovation process – hiring and developing innovative staff, developing an internal innovation protocol, and working with strategic alliances.

Purpose Stories Are Exploding: Here’s Why and What You Need to Know

As a story mentor, I am often witness to many story moments floating around in the Universe. If I could categorize many of these story moments, they would fall under the category of “purpose stories, which you tell your prospect or client why you are doing the profession you are doing now either face-to-face or either on your About or LinkedIn page.

Optimizing Public Sector Innovation Platforms

Business has harnessed the innovation processes to great success and recently there have been chatter in government hallways across the world regarding implementation of these processes in the public sector. The main drivers for the change are rooted around the global economic crunch that the governments are dealing with. The need to rethink their systems and tackle the root cause through an innovation process is becoming more and more relevant.

Fostering New Ideas and Innovation in the Workforce

There are a number of ways one can use to develop fresh ideas and improve a labour-force. A more diverse and all-inclusive workforce is vital for any success in business. This is an important factor to keep in mind when looking forward to success on a global level.

Banking: Vulnerability and Innovation Excellence

Worldwide banking institutions are trying their best to rejuvenate slacking economies with conventional and unconventional fiscal policies. Despite that they are the most vulnerable organizations in the open market, they are continuously developing innovative financial products and bringing top-breed services for growing businesses. They are bringing out more types of bonds, insurance products, loan products, and business consulting services for the enterprises looking for dramatic shifts.

Innovation in Government: The Global Challenges

Governments around the world are creating and embracing innovative concepts from the business world to solve their policy and service problems. Innovation units such as Denmark’s MindLab, has quietly working away at problems such as public education, unemployment, and bureaucracy, with an innovation strategy to systematically prototype, test, and scale up their ideas. Although there are only a handful of governments that are using innovation to the extent that Denmark has, more and more entertain the idea every day.

Battle Testing Your Innovation Strategy

You won’t ever really know how well your products will do until you put them into the marketplace. Even if you do the initial testing, your innovation still could fail if your innovation strategy uses a process that isn’t in line with the market; sometimes failing in spite of the best innovation strategy. Most innovation failures occur from the misperceptions of the marketplace and your competition.

How To Manage Your Project More Efficiently

Profit margins are being eroded in today’s business climate. Managing your project effectively can mean the difference between making a resounding profit or a disastrous loss. There are management systems available to streamline job processes and ensure that you are working optimum capacity.

Reduce Your Office Space Along With Your Business Expenses

One of the main expenses for every business is paying rent, electricity, maintenance and security on the office buildings. However, with the internet so readily available to everyone there is an option for employees to work from home. You get to reduce your carbon footprint along with making big savings in the monthly budget and everyone is happy.

The Innovation Index

The Innovation Index is a publication that is available each year that showcases a composite ranking of countries in relation to their accommodation of innovation: both in environment and outputs. By comparing these values you can get an idea of how the various economies are faring, and extrapolate the effectiveness of various innovation styles. The index for 2013 is being composed by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

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