Netflix Stock Analysis – $NFLX a Buy Today?

Engineering a System of Systems (SoS)

“Everything affects everything else in one way or another. Whether you are aware of that or not does not change the fact that this is what is happening. That’s why I say a business is a system… any action will reverberate throughout the entire company.” – John Woods (Work in Progress)

The Wage Trap Part II

The latest attempt to raise the minimum wage is now occurring in the state of Washington. If the city of Sea Tac passes the resolution to officially raise the minimum wage there it will set off a chain of other resolutions to do likewise all across the country. Sparked by the recent protest by Wal-Mart employees in Los Angles over their low wages, even though Wal-Mart has been enjoying huge profits every year, has put the nation’s largest employer on the spot.

The Wage Trap

The recent push to increase the minimum wage from the fast food workers actually does point to a much deeper concern for the state of the US economy today. We have to remember that it wasn’t too long ago where fast food workers were the bench mark for high school and college students employment opportunities. In many cases the money earned went for petty things like Friday’s date and then again to augment student expenses on campus.

Embrace the Messy Part!

One of my favorite articles talks about leadership and creativity (some of my favorite topics). In the article, author Justin Brady says: “Most leaders talk about creativity (or its cousin, innovation) without understanding what it is and how it happens. The process of real creativity is messy, chaotic, sometimes even disgusting, and it reeks of failure, experimentation and disorganization.

Solving the Productivity Puzzle – Baker Baker and the Knowledge Workers

In the first year of medical school prospective students are often unprepared for the workload. the information overload is compared to ‘ drinking water from a fire hose’. It is a familiar story, productivity dips as diminishing returns set in and continue to fall with every extra hour invested. In this article we talk about boosting human productivity by learning how to working smarter,

Everything You Need to Know About Disruptive Innovation

Everything You Need to Know about Disruptive Innovation The term ‘disruptive innovation’ was coined by Clayton Christensen, which refers to a process in which a product/ service starts at the bottom of a market, slowly moving its way up the ladder, and ultimately ousting its competition and becoming the market leader. The theory proposed by the Harvard Professor states that an innovation can drive new trends in an existing market with its cost-effectiveness, convenience, simplicity, and accessibility, where status quo and high prices are the main constants. In the initial stages, disruptive innovation is…

How the Funeral Industry Can Begin Changing With the Times

The seven most expensive words in business. “We have always done it that way!”

Uncomfortable, A Good Driver of Change

Don’t get too comfortable, or you will never drive change. Being uncomfortable can provide the energy to change and improve.

Strip Them Down, Tie Their Ankles, Make Them Run – How To Innovate

Here is a curious truth about human thought and creative processes: If you apply no rules whatsoever, you will tend to get poor results. Present your people with a ‘white page’ and they generally won’t know what to do with it. Strangely, however, impose some limitations, and you can actually get much richer thought offerings. Difficulty is one of the he birth-places of innovation.

Innovation in Action at Apple

“Creativity is about connecting things into something new.” Steve Jobs. Creative people do not see today’s rapidly and constantly changing environment as a negative disrupting force, but as an opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Enter the trained fighter pilots’ ODDA loop.

Using Lean StartUp As A Stepping-Stone

I believe you just know when you have a killer idea that lots of clients will love and happily pay for – if only they knew it existed. This article will make life easier for early stage product developers and startups. Why did I write it?

How Mildew Affects Profits in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

As medical marijuana dispensaries seek to improve production efficiency, a key component is reducing crop loss due to mold and mildew. This article explores the risks and loss of profits associated with these problems, as well as methods for effectively counteracting them.

Start Farming Fish Immediately – How To Innovate By Asking A Different Question

‘We need a bridge!’ No, you don’t: you need a way to get across a river. A bridge is just one option. ‘We need to beat our enemy’s army!’ No, you don’t: you need to win a war. Fighting their army is the least efficient, most costly and most dangerous way to do so. ‘We need to beat our competitors!’ No, you don’t: you need to grow your customer base. You need to be prosperous. Comparing yourself to competitors will only limit your thinking. It’s time to ask a different question…

Why You Need a Wacky Neighbor

There’s a lot to be said for creative ideas that push the needle forward, even incrementally. But where do you go when you need a truly breakthrough idea? The kind of idea that will revolutionize your business-maybe even your entire industry-and cause your competition to wonder if they’d be better off just closing up shop? If that’s the kind of breakthrough you’re looking for-you need a wacky neighbor.

Tips In Choosing Among The Leading Cargo Companies

In business, you can be certain of one thing: The cost of everything will change. What this means for your commercial venture is the need to be flexible, with virtually everything. From shifting your business focus to reconsidering suppliers and partners, certain areas of your organisation may need to be modified in order to manage expenses.

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