SECRET to Analyzing Retail Stocks – LIFO vs FIFO Inventory

Utilizing The Open Government Software For Different Purposes

These days Open government software is the need of everyone. Many government agencies have made their tasks simpler and easy with the help of the open government software.

Sneak Peak Into the Past of Biometrics

The origin of the term biometric comes from two different Greek words “Bio” which means life and “Metrics” which means to measure. Since the ancient times, humans recognized each other through facial recognition, we store the faces of people we meet in our memory and upon seeing them again; we greet them.

A Short History of Signage

The article illustrates the fast growth of signage industry. In addition to this, it explains how important it is for businesses to use signs as a marketing tool.

Profitable Creativity May Be Closer Than You Think!

Would you like to find a creative solution to your current challenge du jour? It may be as close as the morning newspaper. (Note to younger readers: the “morning newspaper” used to be an actual thing. It was truly a marvelous invention. It appeared magically on your doorstep, required no scrolling, and never needed to be recharged.)

Centrifugal Pumps Manufacturers – CRI

A centrifugal pump is primarily a rotodynamic pump that uses a pivoting impeller to raise the rate of a liquid. Its main role is to switch the energy of a motor to kinetic energy which in turn pressures out the fluid from the pump. The change in energy takes place in the volute and the impeller.

How a Cover Band Challenge Can Improve Tribe Performance

It could have been just another boring business convention, but instead, adding a cover band challenge, and making it part of the overall training process for building teams to work together in corporate marketing became a ground floor opportunity for success. Who could have known!

Pens Should Be Simple – Ballpoints Are Not Rocket Science

Just when you think pens are no-brainers they come out with new inks, new style of pens or a new delivery system for inks-barrels and cartridges. Pens should only be about putting ink on paper that doesn’t bleed, blob, scratch, gouge paper, or skip. However, even choosing pens seems to be the art of compromise. Pens are used every day and I have found they are a personal preference. We are considering ballpoints, gels, roller balls. We are not even considering fountain pens and personal statement pens–just the everyday workhorse pens we don’t necessarily care if we lose.

Is The Diversity In the US Why We Are So Successful?

Not long ago, a foreign born student attending a top US University here in California asked me if I thought that the reason that the USA was so successful was due to our “diversity” bringing all different cultures to one place. I didn’t want to burst his bubble or chastise the politically correct narrative shoved down his throat at the University here, but I wasn’t about to lie to him. So, I explained my thoughts on this, and perhaps it might help illuminate this for you too? Let’s talk shall we.

Why You Should Treat Your Website Like a Shop Front

Have you ever come across a shabby shop front and decided to go to the modern and stylish shop front next to it? Or you walked into a nice shop front and found the inside very bland and confusing? With a website, the same principle applies.

The Benefits of Informal Get-Togethers

I just spent a delightful morning with a colleague of mine (Ron, another speaker) who was in from out of town and gave me a call. And yes, I realize I just used the word “delightful,” when the more manly, chainsaw, Hemi word would be something like “awesome,” “radical,” or “killer,” but dammit, it was delightful. Anyway, as I was leaving this killer get-together, I found myself wondering, “Why don’t I do this more often?” Granted, in this case it was Ron who called me, but I travel a lot, and I rarely reach out to other colleagues on the road. That’s to my detriment.

Pushing Past the Fear in Business

Have you ever been told to burn the ships? Probably not but you would have been told to take a leap… this article looks at the ultimate sacrifice of burning the ships to help find the barriers within.

The Importance of Strategy and Governance for Global Business Services

The GBS operating model is the latest step in the evolution of shared services (SS). To refresh your memory, SS is an operational model that’s been around for decades, enabling functional resources (i.e., Finance) to be leveraged across an entire organization, resulting in lower service costs. My first article discussed the evolution from traditional SS to GBS, the drivers for the change and the desired benefits. Article two highlighted that even though the transition to GBS continues, there seems to be a return on investment (ROI) shortfall with a number of implementations. The primary reasons for the ROI shortfall and some solutions to enhance success were also covered. This third article takes a “deep dive” on two key elements to ensure a successful GBS implementation: strategy and governance.

Long Live the Cardboard Box – Recycling From a Position of Strength

How can you as an innovator change the world? Well you might be surprised – as sometimes it is the simple things which indeed need our innovative minds the most. Let me give you an example, since I run a think tank, on just how important such things can actually be. Let’s talk.

The Government Funds R&D For Alternative Energy and Other Technology

As a former franchisor founder having built up my business that I started at age 12, I have a love of free enterprise, and I cringe when the government gets involved. For a couple of reasons, when it comes to business our government makes really bad decisions; when our government with nearly unlimited resources competes against lesser capitalized companies it becomes inefficient, and because it isn’t fair competition as the government controls regulations and often exempts its activities from such overbearing scrutiny.

Zero Pollution Is Right Up the Six Sigma Black-Belt Production Line Alley Way

One great thing about running a think tank is that I can go days without talking with anyone who has less than a 135 IQ, and how nice it is to not have to deal with our chimpanzee-human counterparts. Likewise it is great to discover new innovation and consider all the possibilities for our future. Let me give you an example of a recent conversation with a “recycling guru” who has about 12 patents and comes up with original thoughts just about every time I talk with him.

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