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Is It Worth It For Businesses To Go Solar?

For many business owners, going solar can be a strategic decision with significant financial benefits. If you’re wondering whether solar is a feasible option for your business, here are four considerations to help ensure your investment is profitable and improves your bottom line in addition to reducing your company’s ecological footprint.

The I’s In Innovation

When you hear mention of the word innovation, what comes to mind? Innovation entails disruptive thinking, passion, putting your plan into place and unwavering perseverance while delivering an excellent customer experience, by meeting their needs and making a difference in their lives.

Critical Thinking

What if you were asked the question: “If your world only used 20 words, what would they be?” How would you even begin to think of an answer? Let’s see if critical thinking can help.

Understanding the Process of Change With Ions

On the surface, ions can seem boring and not very important. However, researchers and those who are experts with them understand the true value they offer. The process of ion conductance allows the process of change within ions to be understood.

What Problem Do You Want to Solve?

Don’t think about the job you want to have, but the problem you want to solve. I recently attended the high school graduation of a friend’s son.

The Signage Evolution

The sign industry has evolved over the past few decades. Today, large LED displays offer high impact, animated message systems that employ a marketing strategy.

Is Neuroplasticity an Effective Leadership Tool?

New thought processes always precede new paradigms. Those new thought processes allow you to see possibilities that once appeared impossible. They only appeared impossible because of the prevailing mindset. That mindset is stored in our brains. Our brains hold information in our neurons. As a rule, neurons do not make up information. They store it, like file cabinets, and retrieve it when needed. This article explores the possibility of creating new paradigms that are not predicated on the information stored in our neurons. It is a relatively new science called neuroplasticity. It may be the key component needed to effectively drive innovation.

Business Intelligence

1. Companies are aggressively moving to computerized support of their organizations. Can you list at least 2 of the factors driving this move?

Are Bioplastics the Future of Plastics?

Bioplastics are developed from sustainable materials such as corn starch but are they a viable solution to petrol-based plastics? Are they recyclable? Are there currently any commercial uses for them?

Impact Investing: Will Your Business Pay for Success?

Pay for Success (PFS) is an innovative new funding mechanism that is used to finance social-benefit projects with high-quality impact metrics. PFS projects are popping up in every sector from homelessness, to healthcare, to education. New models prove that PFS projects can be used to stimulate investment in commodities, as well as workforce development. What impact will this have on the private sector? Will your business Pay for Success?

To Think Out of the Box, Make the Box Smaller

QUICK QUIZ: Which assignment do you think a creative person would like more: Write a story about anything. Write a story about a duck.

How To Book A Band For A Corporate Event

You’ve got an event to plan, a band to hire, and so much to do… What should you do first? Find a booking agent to take care of the band and entertainment options.

Is Three Dimensional [3-D] Printed Furniture Really a Game Changer?

This article discusses the prospective effect of 3-D technology in the furniture industry. I will be sharing a few advantages of 3-D printed furniture which are going to raise benchmarks of the industry.

How Blockchain Can Re-Invent the Global Supply Chain

After it emerged in 2008, the technology behind the world’s most notorious crypto-currency, Bitcoin, held court on the fringes, attracting attention mostly from startups and the financial services sector. However, it has recently started to receive a lot of attention as companies gradually realize it could be valuable for many other things besides tracking payments.

Are You Missing Out On the Most Important Business Tool?

Quick Quiz: What do the following have in common? The iPhone The Tesla Model S Spanx The self-cleaning litter box The Sputnik 1 satellite Answer: They were all the product of a creative idea. As was every single other breakthrough that made a million dollars, cured a disease, or changed the world.

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