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Otaku! Does Your Company Delight Your Customers With Innovation?

If you own, or are thinking about owning, a business – watch the TED talk by Seth Godin:  How to Get Your Ideas to Spread.  In just 10 minutes, Seth summarizes why the way we did business just 5 years ago is NOT working anymore.

Paper Based QA Data Capture Versus Computer Based Alternative

There are many differences between paper based and computerised data capture systems. Here’s a short article comparing the features of a paper based QA data capture system against those of a typical computer based alternative.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) – Increasing Your ROI

Design for manufacturing, utilizing an experienced design team, increases return on overall project investment by creating reliable, repeatable, dependable products and avoiding costly product malfunctions. OEM product development teams working closely with manufacturing service providers and their experienced engineering and manufacturing product development teams will initiate communication of part requirements and create an open environment to exchange information enabling success of the project.

Self-Healing, Sensor Laden, Scratch Resistance Coated Rope For Boat Hull Inspections

In this unfortunate age of terrorism, we have to be on guard, so today, we have basically the equivalent of anit-IED inspections for cruise ships, underwater pipelines, key bridges, and for military purposes. This means we need robotic systems to do the work or keep our surveillance divers in good spirits because that surely adds one heck of a lot of work to their plate, as repair inspections for routine maintenance have always been needed. Okay so, let’s talk about IED type devices being attached to underwater infrastructure or ship hulls for a moment.

Top Reasons You Should Create a 5S Program

Whenever most business leaders hear about 5S, they think that it is actually just an intricate housekeeping campaign. An audit or methodical examination of the 5S process exposes that it is much more powerful than simple housekeeping. Listed here are a few of the main reasons you should be driving a 5S program at your workplace.

Personal Thinking Inhibitors

In relation to our ability to generate ideas, be creative and solve problems there are a number of suppressants that exist that can stifle this. Some of these are internal, in other words what goes on in our own mind and some are external, those factors that we are exposed to or applied to us that limit or suppress our ability. The purpose of this short article is to explore some of the more common internal suppressants.

Are Creativity and Innovation the Same Thing?

Are creativity and innovation the same thing? Actually, they are very different although successful innovation is almost entirely dependent upon creativity for it’s quality. In this article we’ll explore the difference and the relationship between the two.

Eco-Friendly Printers Use Waterless Printing

As consumers become ever more discerning, the eco credentials of businesses are becoming more important than ever. The printing industry has responded with a number of innovations, and waterless offset lithographic printing is the latest weapon in the armoury of eco friendly printers.

Innovation in HR Ideas Can Be a Change for the Better

As times change, all things evolve and it is no different with business. That is why there is a need for human resource department innovation in many businesses worldwide. Finding relevant methods for hiring, retaining and training employees, is important if businesses want to thrive.

What Is Innovation and What Is the Impact on HR?

  Many people will think innovation is the introduction of new technology into departments, such as a new software system to help back up the accounts department or a lean team implementation employed to see how costs can be kept at a minimum. But innovation in the sense of HR goes beyond all the technology and anything that might appear a smart idea; it actually stems from people-motivated ideas. People can gather together and create new ideas and brainstorm fresh ideas that will be implemented in the departments within your industry.

The Three Keys of a Mobile Website

We are in the new era, the era of mobile, and there is no denying it. Look around you, nearly anywhere you go you will see people on a smartphone. Optimize your business’s visibility by having a mobile website.

Six Innovative Ideas for Human Resource Management

Whether you work in the human resources department of a large company or you’re the owner of a small business, chances are you’ve brainstormed with the home of developing ideas of how to get the best work possible out of your employees. While there’s many tried and true methods in human resource management, the discipline, like human capitol, is ever-changing and evolving and the perfect place to put innovative ideas into practice. Here’s a few to get you started:  

Human Resources Innovation and How to Innovate Employees

  Getting more production out of your company starts with your human resource department that cultivates the proper atmosphere of innovation and rewards. Human Resources innovation can help lead your business to a brighter future thanks to hiring a staff whose number one job is to foster innovation for the entire workplace. Innovative employees contribute far more to your business that those who simply tow the line.

Innovation – An Indispensable Asset for Organizations

What is the key to increase efficiency and profit, even as you continue to reduce cost? The answer is ‘Innovation’! With the market competition getting increasingly cut-throat, it is important to stay on top to ensure the survival of your business. The consumer does not simply look for solutions, he looks for innovative ones.

Powerful Questions Begin With Listening To Ourselves

For questions to become the catalyst that can lead us to explore new and exciting possibilities, create new levels of meaning and identify solutions, we need to start with the most basic, and one of the most important communication skills of all – listening. It’s impossible to become good at asking powerful questions without first listening. What is being said and not said? What’s the person’s reason for taking this position? Without first listening, we cannot come up with the right question that contributes and helps move the conversation along. For communicators we’re always expected to listen and to hear what’s being said between the lines and through body language. Listening is a critical element in public consultation, strategic planning, and issues management. And before we can truly ask powerful questions of anyone else, we need to think of the questions we ask ourselves everyday.

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