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Smart Home – A Global Drive Towards the Intelligent Homes

Sometimes it can be too much work to get off the couch, to reach over to the wall switch and turn the lights off, right? Well, Smart Homes are for you.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnings Are Changing Our Life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are changing our lifestyle. Software is written such that they begin to study our behaviour, our buying or selling patterns to understand us better. This is good and at the same time bad too. The same is impacting manufacturing companies, who needs to be integrate their ERP with IOT and AI tools

How Do You Scale Up Your Business Using Technology?

Scale your business the smart way by using technology. By using the right tools, you can track where you are, where you’re going and the areas in your business that are lagging.

Key Issues Faced by Indian Textile and Apparel Industry in Global Market

India is the second-largest exporter of textile products in the world. Still, the country has not been able to unleash its whole potential and lacks behind its competitors. There are several reasons such as high working capital requirements, poor credit availability, the absence of fibre neutral policies, etc. that are impending Indian textile sector’s export growth.

Business In The 2050s: How The Future Of Work Might Look

Predictions of the future are often wildly inaccurate. For example, Back To The Future promised us hoverboards, while almost everyone who saw Blade Runner couldn’t wait to get their hands on a flying car. Unfortunately, neither are readily available to the general public yet, which is a crying shame.

Which Mindset Do You Have?

Despite the unforeseen and unprecedented challenges one encounters in life, it might seem never-ending. Some people are doing well. They’re adapting to a revised schedule and way of doing things… and thriving. What is their secret?

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: What Can They Do For Your Business?

Blockchain is not just a buzz word anymore. Learn how you can take advantage of enterprise blockchain solutions.

7 Principles for Exceptional Performance: Case Study – Blue Skies in Ghana

There is an old proverb that states: tall oaks from little acorns grow. Businesses start with an idea and some develop into successful ventures. Back in 1997 a small group of entrepreneurs from the UK, together with Ghanaian business partners, established the Blue Skies fruit processing factory in Ghana. It is now a multi-national operation. The article reviews some of the themes linked to its development.

A Look at How the New Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500 Will Change Enterprise Label Printing

Epson’s newest color label printer, the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500, is designed as a color replacement for the ever-popular black-and-white thermal transfer printers that currently dominate enterprise label printing environments. Adding color to the mix will transform enterprise label printing in 2020.

Tips to Buy Fermentation Tanks

If you are looking to buy a fermentation tank, you should do your homework first. You may want to get quotes from different providers so you can get the best deal. Given below are few tips that can help you make the purchase based on your budget and needs.

Data Science, Business Information on Steroids

Data Science and Business Information gathering are sometimes, erroneously, used as interchangeable terms. Both Data Science and Business Information gathering provide a great deal of added capabilities and benefits to your company, even though they are different.

1 Million Jobs for Uganda’s Graduates

Every year Uganda’s institutions graduate over 400,000 students. The graduates scramble for 150,000 annual job openings in the country. ~0.008% create own jobs, leaving the 71.99% graduates jobless every year, these are forced to find alternatives to generate income, including activities in the survival-type informal sector and, some turn to the sex, criminality and drug industries to survive. This is about to change! ‘Legacy footfalls’ is delivering micro business incubation & ICT skilling program to 627, 000 graduates and 960,000 students in the 121 districts of Uganda.

First Line Manager: The Courage to Lead? Where Does It Come From?

Courage is the last step in a change process not the first. The general fraternity has it backwards. If they don’t want their presidents to get mowed down by the members there are steps they should have taken. When almost half of the chapters voted against the proposal, I doubt they considered these steps. Instead they transferred the cultural change to you; it is your problem. So what could they have done to make the change more effective?

Innovation: Food Is The Next Frontier

Food-waste is a problem which needs to be tackled fast. It has a direct bearing on the betterment of humanity. Finally, startups are rising to this challenge with innovative solutions. In this article, the author shares some innovative solutions being used by these startups and nonprofit organizations to minimize the food-waste, enhance productivity and nutritional food value.

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