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Using Micro Fibre Cloths to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Generally promoting your company is never that easy to do. Usually there is heaps of work and it may therefore be really costly. Small business marketing and advertising can run into thousands of pounds and millions for bigger corporations. When thinking about taking your business to the next level consider utilizing printed micro-fiber cloths for your company’s promotions.

Aaron Swartz and Open Source Idealism (With Jewish Concepts)

“From the youngest age… his work was dedicated solely to making the world a better place for the ideas that he had… He was dedicating his life to building a world… that was as idealistic as he was. And he was impatient with us, and he was disappointed with us, with all of us.” -Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig and a close friend of Aaron Swartz. These words spoken about Aaron Swartz shortly after the tragedy suggest something far greater than one incredible person’s idealism. They speak to the idealist potential in each of us that motivates us to find answers to questions that perplex us daily. As we hope to explain, Aaron’s questions closely resemble those of the wise son in the Passover Haggadah.

Three Strategies to Attract Ideal Clients: Tell a Story!

Have you ever thought about how to attract a loyal following of ideal clients? I’d like to share some best practices I use to attract potential clients and that my clients are learning to use. Your story is your strongest asset in your business. Why? It IS the missing link in human connection and the most underused and undervalued element in your marketing. Storytelling builds trust and creates that “know-like-trust” factor onliners need.

From Vision to Strategy: The Role of Coaching

The ability to translate an idea or vision into reality is crucial to innovation. Coaching plays an intrinsic part in flourishing organisations which successfully innovate and who also understand the importance of recruiting the creative capacities of people at all levels. This article will outline some of the key challenges that coaching can address.

Inspire Innovative Thinking At Work

As creativity always evolves from an Idea, the organization should welcome new ideas and suggestions. Make sure your innovation driving programs are not rigid. Check out some tips to promote innovation thinking in your enterprise.

Becoming a Great Marketer: Invention vs. Upgrade

We need a revolution of good, truthful marketers. While every marketer says they have something to say, the public increasingly only wants to listen to the truthful ones. People are tired of the false claims and promises. Instead, we’d all rather listen to truthful statements from people we trust. These marketers are also some of the most connected people you’ll ever meet. Not connected in terms of having large followings, but connected in that they are a people person among marketers. They really care about steering people in the right direction. The question then is not whether there is innovation, but rather which marketers should I listen to? Which ones are saying innovations that ring true? There is a famous marketer that once titled a book “all marketers are liars.” He later recanted, and amended it to read that “all marketers tell stories.” As we will explain, the first statement was probably a better start. But instead of how it was written, we would have worded it is “all marketers either tell the truth, or the opposite…”

A Vision of Possibilities for Your Business

You probably began your business because you had a passion for your work and desired the freedom to be your own boss and access the many benefits of ownership. Now, months, years or decades later, you may have had enough success to stay in business, but found that you really just traded one job for another. You work 14 hours a day if you need to and can’t take time off, as you are the key figure in your organization. You’re getting burnt out. What was once an impassioned hobby has turned into a business where the fun has dissipated. Do not fear. These are roads well-traveled upon.

Academic Technology Transfer – We Can Do Better!

There’s been a lot of talk over the years of how taxpayer money is going into university research and development, and how the results of all that information isn’t available and is hidden from the public. This means on turnovers and businesses can’t use it without paying an extra fee or entering into some sort of a licensing agreement with that University. The University of course recycles that money and put it towards more research, which is probably a good thing, but the money they take in on these licensing fees they should realize really belongs to the American taxpayer.

Spontaneous Micro-Innovation

How effective are organizations in harnessing the opportunities that develop out of daily, common-place internal interaction between peers working to solve a micro-problem of the moment? On the surface, the individual ideas created in such interactions don’t appear to rise to the level of innovation. But taken together, once shared and cross-pollinated, they establish an idea cloud from which innovation can sprout. Assuming that big ideas only come from formal centers of innovation, on a prescribed schedule, and with goal-driven results overlooks the compounding effect of micro-innovation happening at the most fundamental organizational level.

2013: The Year of Resolutions

While deliberating over what to name this article, many different appellations came to mind. In short time I realized that they were all true because they each expressed a deep, heartfelt sentiment; people just want 2013 to be a better year. That’s why I decided to go with “2013: The Year of Resolutions” as the official title. With all the hopes and aspirations that come with a new year full or new potentials, our motivation is that these resolutions should last. More than just fleeting, inspired moments, our wish this year is that our good thoughts should all come to fruition.

Why Can’t ‘Normal’ Companies Innovate?

Most companies are very happy to operate consistently, on a daily basis, setting customer expectations and then repetitively delivering to expectation. Problem is, your competitor’s aren’t standing still, they’re redefining your market and business.

Where Should Apple Go From Here? Response to the 1/23/13 Flat Earnings Report

Wednesday, January 23rd will likely be remembered as a day which will live in infamy… at least for Apple aficionados. It’s the day when they told the public that they only made 13 billion dollars in their latest quarterly profit. For anyone else, this would seem a pretty hefty sum. But Apple is different. This flat earning report due to higher manufacturing prices led to a stock sell-off, that at one point, wiped away 57 billion of Apple’s market capitalization. What went wrong?

Becoming a Content Activist

What does it take to attract a consumer to your brand? In short, it means being an activist for it. There is a well known marketer who likes to say that Advil is marketing an old and outdated concept. Nobody wants “pain relievers,” anymore (so he says). If I was in charge of the marketing department at Advil, I would have mounted a “We Wish Pain Was Outdated!” response against this remark.

2013: Leap Motioning Into the New Year (The Leap Motion in Concept)

It’s been decided. Even before 2013 began, technology reporters the world over have declared the forthcoming Leap Motion sensor the best gadget of the New Year. What then is left for the rest of us? If you feel so inclined, you can line up behind the thousands of others to become a Leap Motion developer. But if you think there’s something more to life in 2013, then I encourage you to read on.

Step by Step Guide to 5S Sorting

The very first and most valuable step in putting into effect your 5s system is the sorting step. The intention of the sort is to pinpoint all of the items, furnishings, fixtures, and appliances in the workspace and distinguish between what is clutter and what is needed to accomplish the vital tasks.

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