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Great Leaders Teach

Leadership is today’s buzz word akin to management in the 1980’s. You probably have been asked at least once, “Are you a leader or manager?” Of course the right answer is “leader” because it is incumbent that all of us must be one, at least to be relevant in today’s organization. But how to become great leader? Robin Sharma once in his book said that a leader decides which mountains to climb and a manager decides how to climb it efficiently. I think that analogy makes it easier to distinguish the function of leader v. manager. I juggle both most of the time and I believe most of us do the same. Right?

How to Become Innovative

This article is about the ways someone can become innovative. It goes ahead to define what innovation is and its results. Read about the steps you can take to develop the ability to innovative to be able to kick poverty our of your life and the whole world at large.

Keeping It Simple: The Key To Customer Engagement

Why has Uber started to replace traditional means of catching a cab? And why are more shoppers using Seamless to get their groceries delivered? The key to engaging customers in B2C environments seems to be in the ability to simplify lives, simplify understanding what the product or service does, and to make it easy to sign up or switch from another provider. Any unnecessary complexity is shunned by the modern customer in favour of something that is easy to understand and use. Where does this need for simplicity come from?

Value and Terror of Beginner’s Mind

Achievement is great, but terrifying. You get a new promotion or opportunity and you are in a gap. We don’t like the gap. Discover the value of bringing beginner’s mind to the situation.

How to Drive Innovation by Creating a Lion’s Den

If you are looking for an engaging and fun way to spark innovation among employees you will like this idea that I call; “Lion’s Den.” This interesting employee event is loosely built on the concept of the television shows, “Shark’s Tank” and “Dragon’s Den,” in which, hopeful entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to pitch their business idea to prospective investors with the hope of getting them to help fund their business. Similarly, the premise of “Lion’s Den” is to encourage employees to pitch their innovative new ideas and concepts for the business to the leadership team with the hope that the leadership will recognize the value of their ideas and implement them. The payback they will receive, if they successfully “sell” their innovation to the powers that be, is reward and recognition from the organization with the anticipation that this will lead to improved professional progress and status.

Unnatural Innovation

Those firms who wish to foster innovation must not only think outside the box, but find ways to operate outside the box, away from the urge to refine and improve existing operations. The innovation process is a perverse one, and unnatural for most established organizations.

The Bean Bags and Bright Paints Or The Corporate Culture of Innovation

The business innovations today are entirely customer-centric. It is vital to understand customer’s requirement to create the ground-breaking advancements.To maintain the clarity and spontaneously act as per customer demand and feedback, a highly innovative work culture is required.

Innovation Best Practices

Innovation is uncertain, and no one ever enjoys a perfect success rate. Because of this uncertainty, the development of a system that facilitates experimentation, withstands failures, identifies workable solutions with small-scale data analysis, and implements new solutions throughout the organization is essential.

3 Habits That Are Keeping You From Producing Breakthrough Results

Steve Jobs! Mark Zuckerberg! Elon Musk! All of them have produced (and, in some cases, are continuing to produce-although Steve has lowered his output a bit) breakthrough results! What must it be like to live in their world, to breathe their rarefied air! Well, here’s the thing. Breakthrough results are not limited to the elite few. You can produce breakthrough results just as well as anyone else. But first, you may need to let go of some of the habits that are holding you back.

3 Lessons for Breakthrough Results From Donald Trump

Do you want to produce breakthrough results in your business? In your industry? In your life? I’m not talking about incremental results, the “Hey, look, we got a new logo!” kind of results. I’m talking about the game-changers. The quantum leap kind of results that can redefine an industry. If those are the kind of results you want to produce, you might be able to learn a thing or two (or three)… from Donald Trump.

Reasons to Hire a Reputable Industrial Design Company

The art of industrial designing requires the skill of designing a product that is mutually beneficial for both manufacturer and user. Designing a product is not an easy task and requires a handful of skills, computer knowledge and last, but not the least, creativity. Not everybody is blessed with great aesthetics. You also have to well-versed with a range of software, particularly CAD (Computer Aided Design). In the long run, it is ideal you hire a reputable industrial design company to take care of your needs.

New Technology Improves Productivity, Safety and Cost

Every little improvement in productivity, safety and cost can end up making a big difference at the end of the day, month and year for air duct cleaning contractors! This new technology does just that.

Five Conditions for Innovation

Two factors set the stage for revolutionary innovation: ability and motivation. When both ability and motivation are present, a hotbed of innovation forms, much the same way as the Internet has led to a deluge of entrepreneurship and innovation. Conversely, when ability and motivation are not present, innovation stalls. In this article, I illustrate five conditions necessary for both factors to exist. The first two conditions address ability, the remaining three conditions address motivation, and all five are necessary for innovation and continuous change.

The Great Digital Divide

There is a definite momentum gap between the business community, and providers of digital web services. I see this gap being demonstrated on a daily basis. There are many thousands of business owners in a huge range of different areas that are not aware of the benefits available to them by partnering with a good quality web services provider. Certainly these days a significant number of businesses see the benefits of participating with the online space in some way. Many of these have some type of main website, or they might invest with pay-per-click advertising, and many have ventured onto Facebook with a dedicated business page. However, I think there is still a huge lag between the development of digital marketing services, their range and quality, and the awareness of the business community as to the effectiveness and variety of these services, and often what each one can provide for their business when they come to consider their investment. This gap is made up of actual awareness of the field, and also trust in the providers themselves.

5 Creative, Low Cost Ways to Get More Virtual Clients

Building a business and client base is tough in any profession or industry. However, building your virtual assistance client base presents a unique challenge. One of the key benefits to working as a virtual assistant is that you have the opportunity to make a big impact in your clients’ professional lives whilst still working remotely. Of course, working virtually has its challenges. It’s difficult to break through the noisiness of the internet to actually get noticed by prospective clients. If you’re working remotely and want to build your virtual assistance business, here are our top 5 ways to attract attention and secure those key clients.

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