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Renewable Energy Production Can Be Made Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels Through Surge Protection

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are currently more expensive to produce than burning fossil fuels. By integrating surge protective devices into these types of facilities, the prices charged to consumers can be reduced below those that fossil fuel producers charge.

Tips For Designing A Product – Keep It Simple

Having the best tips available when venturing to product development can and does make the entire process much easier. Trust that years of research has been conducted to back up these tips, and get started in product design and development with confidence.

A “Basic” Trick to Boost Your Team’s Creativity

Imagine this: There’s a crisis looming in your business. [You: “Why do you have to be so negative, Bill?”] [Me: “Fair point. Let’s reset.”] Imagine this: There’s an opportunity looming in your business. [You: “Thank you.”] And now you need your team to come up with creative ideas to best take advantage of this great opportunity. You want them to “think outside of the box.” You want them to “go wild!” You tell them, “Let your imaginations flow!” You expect magic. And instead, you get the same old same old. What went wrong? It could be in the way you defined the task.

Ideation – Where Business Ideas Come From

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new business ideas. When we plan to launch a new business, we either leverage an existing concept or we develop our own unique idea. The same applies to growing an existing business. I have always struggled with determining which is harder – finding the idea or executing on it.

The Real Secret to Coming Up With a Great Idea

Oh, to be the person who comes up with “the great idea”! Solar power! The artificial heart! Potato chips that stack in a can! Great ideas are everywhere, and yet they always seem to be the brainchild of somebody else. So how do you become one of those “somebodies”? How do you become the person who comes up with “the great idea”? Is there a secret to coming up with a great idea? Yes, and here it is: Come up with a lot of ideas.

Are You Killing the Creativity in Your Business?

“Creativity” is one of those things (like its close cousin “risk-taking”) that nearly all leaders love to hail, praise, and rhapsodize over. So why is actual creativity in the workplace so rare?

I Love Spring Cleaning, Do You?

I clean, rearrange things. I take that into my business. Business is great, and I look at what else can I now create. With the new endeavors there is a very important step to take, which is to clean out any old failures and old incomplete projects.

Are You a Brilliant Original, or Merely a Copy?

Let’s start with a 2-part quiz: Question 1 – Which would you pay more for: an original Van Gogh, or a copy (even a very good copy) done by a third-year art student? Question 2 – Switching now to your own business: are you an original, or a copy (even a very good copy) of what somebody else did first? Question 3 (okay, so it’s a 3-part quiz) – Regarding Question 2: Which would you rather be?

Innovations Throughout the History of Medical Transcription and Where We Go From Here

This article takes a look back at the history of medical transcription and a review of the technology advances that have affected this profession. It also takes a look at the impact of the medical transcription profession in the health industry. See where it all started and, from a physician’s point of view, are we really better off. Where we are today and where do we go from here.

Risk and Reward: Manager Profiles and Innovation Outcomes

Every decision a manager makes has some inherent risk. How a manager chooses to respond to this risk can have a significant impact on his or her organization’s potential for innovation. Finding a balance is no easy task, as managers consider the impact of decision-making on their reputation, job security, the impact decisions might have on their direct reports, and the short- and long-term impact of their decision-making on their organization. This article considers the possible outcomes of managers assuming the mindsets of “high risk avoider”, “high risk tolerator” and “moderate risk manager”.

How Is the 3D Printing Powder Market Shaping the Future of End-User Industries?

Thanks to 3D printing, the terms innovation and strategy have got a new dimension all together. Also known as additive manufacturing, the technique of 3D printing is mainly employed in end-user industries such as, aerospace & defense, medical, and automotive, among others, with aerospace & defense being the largest user of 3D printing, followed by automotive. It is also proving to be an asset for the medical industry, as it can be used in various types of implants and other surgical operations.

What’s An Agile Business Look Like?

Agility – the ability of an organization to respond quickly to outside changes – is a critical component of successful businesses today, whether service or product oriented. But what has to happen inside an organization for it to be agile? That’s what we’ll answer in this article.

Why New Products Fail

So many product ideas and inventions are brought into the marketplace with severe flaws. Here are some of the factors that could mean success or failure for a new product.

Magento Re-Platforming Checklist

If you want your e-commerce business to succeed today, you need to offer your prospective clients the best shopping experience. Therefore, migrating your existing store to Magento platform makes sense as this will help you increase the level of customer satisfaction. However, migration itself is a complicated process, as there is a lot of data to be transferred and some of the features will need to be developed along the way.

What Next?

When we stop to think about it the materials for everything that has ever been invented has always been with us. So, TV, Radio, electricity and in fact everything else we have today could have been with us hundreds of years ago. The inventions of the future are there, just waiting to be discovered.

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