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How To Keep A Sharp Focus On Your Best Ideas

Got a good idea? Maybe – but you won’t know for certain until you share it with others to get a couple of objective and unbiased opinions. Gut feelings and rose-tinted spectacles can give a distorted view of what might seem like inspiration, but turn out to have been no more than frustration and perspiration in disguise…

Becoming Timeless: Bowie, the Beatles, and Apple

David Bowie existed before Ziggy Stardust, but it was Ziggy Stardust that put him on the map. The striking, glam costume; the red hair; the over-the-top Spiders from Mars tour-all these elements, plus, of course, the music, shot David Bowie into stardom. But the glam rock era eventually faded. And if David Bowie had stayed there, he would have been solely of that time, and faded along with it.

Putting the “I” in Entrepreneur: 5 Secrets to Becoming a More Innovative Business Owner

What differentiates an entrepreneur from an innovator? In today’s hectic, change-driven business world, we may think they’re one in the same. Entrepreneurs these days are all those bright, future-focused men and women launching the latest startup, with products and services that promise to change the game and the world. But research suggests otherwise.

Unleashing Group Genius: 4 Key Benefits of Collaborative Idea Generation

At some point virtually everyone who works in an organization will be invited to attend a meeting where ideas are generated – in other words, a group brainstorming session. Brainstorming may seem like an obvious activity, something we just do instinctively. But in fact, it’s generally held that brainstorming, as a process, was “invented” back in the 1930s, by a group of advertising professionals led by Alex Osborn (one of the founders of BBDO Advertising).

Are Your Policies Getting in the Way of Your Team’s Creativity?

All businesses depend on innovation to stay ahead and thrive in an ever-more-competitive landscape, and all innovation begins with a creative idea. But many businesses have set up policies that actually make it harder for people to come up with and/or implement these vital creative ideas. Is yours one of them?

A Business Case for Going Green

Making a business case for sustainable initiatives by proving long term savings and profitability of an innovative concept can be a difficult task. Clean energy tech is a great way to save the planet, but is often thought of as bad for business. This article takes a look at the pros and cons of sustainable design and clean energy initiatives.

Taking Stock: How Innovative Were You in 2015? Take This Quiz and Find Out

The “innovation revolution” that has redefined our lives has been in full swing for some time now. But 2015 might well be remembered as the year when profound, disruptive innovation became the new business model for success. As the year comes to an end, we invite you to take a few minutes to look back and reflect on how well you, your team, business or organization did in achieving your innovation-related goals.

Is Your Experience Causing You to Make Bad Decisions?

One of the greatest benefits a long-term leader can bring to his or her organization is their experience. The experienced leader has seen it all before. The experienced leader isn’t likely to get fazed by the bump in the road. The experienced leader is the face of calm in the midst of the storm. But the experienced leader can also be missing the boat-and with it, opportunities.

Finding The Creative Edge With Neuroscience

One of the key modern challenges for organisations is creating a working culture that balances creativity with more analytical thinking. In our busy world it can often be difficult to build the right ‘creative environment’ where people can get into the right frame of mind to generate insight and new ideas to solve problems creatively. Everyone has both analytical and creative abilities, though one aspect is usually more pronounced than the other. It takes a conscious effort to develop such environments – but both individuals and employers can help by taking note of some of the recent findings from neuroscience. If you want to develop a more creative organisation or are just looking to be more creative yourself, try some of these tips…

What’s More Important Than Knowledge?

Albert Einstein is considered a genius. Yet, in his words, it was not his intelligence that helped him create so many brilliant ideas. What could be more valuable than intelligence? Does everyone have it? This article explores the possibility of tapping into the human potential that is greater than intelligence.

How Can Mobile Apps Help Startups Increase Their Revenue Generation?

Gone are the days now when startup projects struggle to sustain themselves and often rely on outside resources like funding and aid to continue their processes in the initial years at least. Today, as the mobile technology has boomed to almost its peak, startups are not only sustaining on their own but also making good profits. Question: where do you think are so many free mobile apps coming from?

The Top 5 Myths of Innovation in Business

I have produced a hard-hitting list of the top five myths surrounding innovation in business. You may or may not agree with my opinions in this list but I hope you enjoy the read.This list is a must read for anyone who with questions regarding the innovative capacity of their organisations Ultimately companies must innovate by differentiating their products and services inline with what matters to their current and potential customers.

What Does It Take for an Office to Be Innovative?

Innovation and innovative ideas are among the most top agendas at this moment. This trend is forcing the companies to be more adaptive and acrobatic than ever before. Due to lack of innovation, many companies have fallen in the yesteryear’s especially from last five to six years.

Is Money An Innovation Killer?

If you think back to your youth, you’ll find innovation everywhere. Whether it was engineering a ramp to jump your little brother’s big wheel, how to get somewhere without a car or the thousands of innovative ways we convinced our parents that breaking curfew was justified by unseen, surreal circumstances. The great thing about youth is that it full of innovation, and in most cases the most creative things are done without money. Coincidence?

5 Simple Steps To Come Up With a Terrific Business Idea

Different business Ideas and opportunities are talked about on the net daily. The majority of aspiring entrepreneurs search for viable business ideas online. But how can you actually come up with a feasible, practical and sustainable business idea? I have had my own business for a number of years now and I have tried many different businesses, some of them worked and some did not. I recently looked back on all the businesses that I tried. As I reviewed all of my different business plans I have narrowed my good ideas down to a few easy steps on how to create a viable business idea.

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