Visa Stock vs Mastercard Stock – Best Investment Analysis

Treasure Quest: Recuperating the Losses of the Yester-Centuries

It is astonishing to note that in the earth’s oceans and seas lie thousands of shipwrecks of the previous centuries that are loaded with millions and evens billions of dollars worth of sunken treasure. As such, there is a very rewarding opportunity in searching and recovering the valuables from the shipwreck sites.

Disruptive Innovation in Marketing

I received an email from Dr. Marcus Blakemore about a very fascinating website called At first, I was very skeptical because freelancers like technical writers and web designers were offering their services for $5.

Disruptive Technology in Today’s Businesses

In life, sometimes it is the simple things that count, despite modern technology. In the next few months, I will be able to see 3-4 of my books published. Traditionally, it takes most large publishing houses 12-18 months before their books are published.

Disruptive Changes for Traditional Publishing

I chat with June and Robin, my publicists, about the future of the publishing business. [I had several books already published. Yet, I needed a book contract from an established commercial publisher if I wanted to be respected in academia.

British Electricity Quality Is Falling

Unreliable renewable energy is hitting the quality of Britain’s electricity and is causing it to fail, this is because renewable energy is becoming an increasingly large component in the power supply, causing more flickering in households and potentially leading to power outages. The UK’s power grid is balanced at a frequency of 50Hz. As we all know, any deviation above or below this level affects the quality of the electric supplies, which can lead to flickering of light bulbs and in worse case scenarios, complete blackouts.

What Is The eLearning Model for Schools?

Over the past decade,students have evolved, and technologies have changed at a rapid pace. This implies that teachers and their teaching methods must adapt to this changing environment. The new design of eLearning is available for schools to adapt their training methods to the new demands of the students.

Benefits of Office 365

This article lists the benefits of Office 365 to small businesses. It also gives advises on what small businesses should consider on choosing the right cloud service provider.

7 Steps to Commercial Success for Your New Product

Expert advice for entrepreneurs, business owners and budding inventors on how to create a commercially viable new product. Seven steps to consider to ensure you have a commercially viable offering and the greatest chance of financial returns.

On Your Organization’s Horizon: Crowds in the Clouds

The way an organization is structured and work conducted is undergoing dramatic change. Computers, the Internet and Social networks will combine to allow even greater outsourcing and use of outside expertise. Combining computer technology migration to clouds and formation of work group crowds will bring about a variety of gains for tomorrow’s business organization.

US Export Compliance – What Documents, Information and Proofs Do You Need to Have?

US Export Compliance – What documents, information and proofs are needed to be kept and for how long? Here is a look at all that your business needs to know!

What Would a Paperless Environment Look Like?

Modern gadgets allow the operation of paperless offices in many parts of the world. What would be the features of a paperless environment? Is it all throughout advantageous? Read some insights.

Designing Our Future – Fractalizing Perpetual Innovation In the Inverted Bell Wave Innovative Curve

We’ve all seen a Bell Curve, and it is amazing how often this curve shows up in science, social studies, economics, population distributions, education, business, and government research. It’s also interesting how often we are led to believe that something follows a bell curve, when it doesn’t, IQ distributions for instance. What happens when the opposite is true, that is to say that the inverse of the wave is the proper pattern? Let’s talk about innovation.

Dr. Cyrus Peikari, Dallas MD, Discusses Concierge Medical Care

Dr. Cyrus Peikari, MD Dallas, discusses Concierge style medical care. Dr Peikari explains why this method of medical care in gaining in popularity nationwide.

Making Money in a Women’s World

Understanding the difference between competition and collaboration changes everything in the business world. As women are rising to take their place in balance and equality with men we need to understand how to create business that feeds us our heart, not just our ego.

Product Innovation Concepts

The process of product innovation is discussed. The author’s experience in the self defense products industry is the inspiration for the article.

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