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Growth Hacker’s Mindset

Growth hacker is not a job description, it is a mindset. It is an iterative process where we tweak the product till it fits what your target customers want.

Catching Unicorns

Throughout time, history has been made by men and women who set themselves apart. In too many cases, their contribution to society was not acknowledged until after their death. Perhaps, while they were alive, their brilliance was so great that others thought it was too good to be true. In some ways, they are like the elusive unicorn. Because society has a difficult time grasping their thought process, they are treated as individuals who could not exist. This article provides an outline for how to identify people of such a rare breed. And it provides insights into ways to engage them in order to reap the benefits of their contribution.

Information Technology – An Important Cog Within Supply Chain Management

With information playing such an important role in supply chain management, it should come as no surprise that a skilled IT expert would be a major asset as well. As the person who maintains this secure flow of information, it is up to the IT expert to ensure that business is running smoothly and every link of that chain is communicating with the other to get the goods to their end point.

4 Must-Dos to Improve Your Innovation Capabilities

‘I would rather make the mistake of moving too fast than make no mistake and move too slow’ – Larry Page, Google’s CEO – Despite a plethora of business literature on how to improve innovation, it remains an elusive endeavour for many executives. Strategic advice ranges from how to come up with better ideas (e.g. opened innovation, crowdsourcing, etc), how to set it up (e.g. cross-functional teams, separate exploratory units, etc), how to establish funding mechanisms (e.g. venture capital arms, separate funding, etc), how to sharpen execution (rapid prototyping, gate-funding, etc) to name just a few – but all assume that all businesses face the same obstacles.

Questioning Your Business Innovation

My friend and fellow motivational speaker (I could also include “Seattle business legend” and “self made millionaire”) Sunny Kobe Cook has an interesting theory, and one with which I agree: “Being innovative in business usually starts with a question.” A sking a question is one of the best ways to spark creativity and innovation, either individually or within a team. Why?

The New Way Ahead With Nano Lubricants!

The word Nano itself shows very clearly that the technology is about everything which is small. There are many applications which are coming up for human consumption as well. What we are looking at is getting the particles of any item into smaller groups. Particles getting smaller would help us in making better usage and giving better returns for the products.

My 10 Favorite Books on Creativity and Innovation

I’ve written countless (well… I suppose I could count them, but what’s the point?) articles about creativity and innovation. As the leader of an intensely creative team for fifteen years (the team that created and produced Seattle’s legendary comedy TV show Almost Live!), I’ve been a student of creativity and innovation for the better part of my life. As a motivational and leadership speaker, these two different but interrelated topics are always represented in my keynotes and other programs.

Innovation Killer: Attack of the Clones

You want to know who’s really bad at coming up with innovative ideas? Clones. Also goldfish, but for now let’s stick to clones.

Innovation Is the Key for Small Businesses!

Change can be a frightening prospect. Innovation is a constantly ongoing process. It entails change that creates ripples throughout your business. Implemented with proper procedures and steps in place, it will benefit the entire business and grant you a competitive edge in the market. Small businesses shouldn’t be intimidated by innovation, nor should you assume it is within the domain of large corporations with massive amounts of money to pour into research and development. It is a process that incorporates all the small changes done to maximize efficiency within your organization that will cause wide-ranging effects that will benefit the company in the long term.

Are Questions More Valuable Than the Answer?

In a society where we are rewarded for giving the right answer, it is rare that one focuses on the right question. After all, asking questions was the demise of Socrates. However, in the 21st Century, challenges are coming at us faster than ever. Formal problem solving may not help us reach the desired effect. This article outlines the reasons questions can be more valuable than answers.

Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and a Follower

Conventional wisdom holds that Chinese firms, although fearsomely good at exploiting country-specific advantages such as cheaper labour or a large home market, belong to the follower category as deemed not very good at manufacturing innovative and reliable products. However, if you’re looking for cutting-edge ideas to manage innovation, go no further than the successful 30-year-old Chinese home appliances provider, Haier.

Tips on Medical Product Development

The medical product development process involves complicated processes, such as attentive planning and analysis, comprehensive systematic documentation, daily reporting, medical product design and at the same time adhering to definite controls and legalizations and numerous industry standards and laws. Therefore, the entire process can be a continuous iteration of setbacks, if you lack the knowledge on the basics of medical product development or do not take certain steps to ensure project success. Are you facing trouble in creating a successful product as well?

Digital Menu Boards – Why Go Digital?

Digital menu boards are a dynamic way of displaying menu items and pricing to customers. Now is the time to go digital!

Google Should Buy Blackberry Before The Bidding War Starts

If you were driving down the street and you saw a motorcycle go by with only one wheel and the driver compensating for it by popping a wheelie, you’d know that at some point, they’re going to crash. Blackberry has been that one wheeled rider for years, and we’ve been critical of them before, especially in the book Digital or Death, but things are starting to change.

Innovation In Business: Not Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

Innovation, fresh thinking and new ideas are all bantered around in the business world today, but what do they actually mean for a business that wants to seriously remain competitive and successful? Most organisations fail to take innovative initiatives seriously and others believe they’re thinking outside of their square, but really are underestimating its potential. In today’s turbulent commercial world, innovation is necessary for simple survival, let alone success. It’s time all organisations, both big and small, wake up and start viewing themselves as competitive entities, scanning the horizons for dangerous threats and exciting new opportunities.

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